Explaining the Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Hybrid Cloud BenefitsWhat is Hybrid Cloud?

The hybrid cloud started out as a groundbreaking innovation, interesting to only the most technical crowd. Just a few short years later, the numbers on hybrid cloud adaption are striking. According to Rightscale, approximately 75 percent of companies were making use of hybrid cloud as of 2016.

It’s not a pie-in-the-sky innovation anymore; it’s a critical strategy for getting the most out of your IT resources. What exactly is hybrid cloud? We all know about the public cloud and private cloud, but hybrid cloud isn’t a technology at all. It’s closer to a strategy of using and managing on-premise, public cloud and private cloud resources to make your IT department – and your company – more efficient.

For example, a company may use the private cloud to store confidential data, the public cloud for operations that aren’t sensitive, and on-premise for other data. This gives you more flexibility, more control over your data and better performance from your applications, just to name a few benefits.

There are five real benefits a hybrid cloud strategy can provide:

  1. Choice: With on-premise and cloud, you can make use of the best of both options, giving you more IT flexibility.
  1. Agility: Hybrid cloud lets you move data seamlessly between on-premise, public and private cloud options.
  1. Cost savings: Hybrid cloud can bridge the gap between old and new systems, moving some capital expenditures to operating expenditures – and saving on both.
  1. Security and compliance: With the public cloud providing economies of scale and the cost reductions it allows, the private cloud can provide security and regulatory requirements as needed.
  1. Resources: Using the public cloud for non-essential, non-sensitive data and activities frees up your internal resources (infrastructure and people) to concentrate on business-critical tasks.

With technologies from HPE and our KeyCloud Enterprise Cloud Services, you can feel comfortable making use of all the hybrid cloud has to offer. If you’re one of the 25 percent that hasn’t yet explored hybrid cloud, make this the year you investigate what it can do. If you do have a hybrid cloud strategy, but aren’t quite getting the benefits you expected, check out those links above; we can help.


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Clayton Weise
Director of Cloud Services

Key Information Systems, Inc.