The Future of IBM i and AI Innovation

IBM i and AI InnovationsThroughout the years, organizations have evolved in countless ways. Part of that evolution has been in the way data is collected, analyzed and utilized. IBM i has been around for more than three decades, meaning IBM i shops in particular, have collected a large amount of business and system data. While this data provides a variety of benefits to the organization, there are issues that arise when trying to store, gain insight into and export such a large amount of data. Furthermore, it has become harder for IT shops to maintain basic levels of security to keep hackers from gaining access to a large amount of critical assets.

Speaking at IBM Think 2018, IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty noted that, “Enterprises have a wealth of data within their businesses. Eighty percent of the world’s data resides inside enterprise IT and isn’t searchable on the web. Strong security defenses and data protections are essential to exploit the treasure trove of data.”

Enter IBM POWER9 servers with the ability to incorporate AI and machine learning into everyday tasks. Machine learning uses algorithms to crunch this large quantity of data while helping organizations gain insight to their most critical data. This automation would essentially apply rules for monitoring and backing up your system based on industry standards, while also providing a better way to manage day-to-day operations. The technology is able to automatically identify issues in the system that would normally take the whole process down. Lastly, machine learning can adjust to any environment, whether you run IBM i, Windows and/or some combination of anything and everything in-between.

In addition to business practices, the AI and machine learning found in the IBM POWER9 servers are enhancing security by analyzing data and interpreting security trends, that help keep workloads and applications secure. In most organizations, security issues occur at the human level, usually by employees making inadvertent errors. Coupled with machine learning, IBM is working on security features that cover both compute security vulnerabilities and those found in workloads by protecting system integrity through the verification of all firmware components. By only allowing authorized firmware components on the server and through continuous encryption of sensitive data, IBM POWER9 is fighting against security flaws well past compute platforms.

As IBM continues to dedicate more resources and new technologies into the Power Systems platform, we at KeyInfo are excited for what the future holds in terms of AI and machine learning for IBM i shops around the globe.


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Drew Woods
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Key Information Systems