Future proof your next investment to accelerate your IT service delivery

HPE Reseller - Gen9Enterprises approach transformation for their data centers with the lessons from applications and workloads that have stretched their budgets and tried their patience in the past. Teams know that the changing landscape will require a new compute strategy that also takes economics in to consideration. HPE’s ProLiant Gen9 servers help IT managers tackle a few of the areas that may cause sticking points:

Cost effectiveness

With any upgrade, it’s going to be a long while before you want to do another overhaul. You also will try to avoid getting stuck on another update cycle awaiting the right iteration for your data center tech just as it’s phasing out. Look for flexible design that can grow with you as your business needs expand, which will help future-proof your investment.


Doing more with less is the dream, and HPE knows everyone’s looking for the right-sized solution. Using Intel’s latest processors with up to 70 percent performance gain, the Gen9 servers were designed to reduce costs and complexity. With a broad range of compute and graphics options, this approach will help with energy efficiency, as well.

IT service delivery acceleration

No one likes to be the last to catch up to the newest capabilities just as everyone starts to take them for granted (or comes to expect them). You want to be positioned at the ideal spot to deliver new services while they’re shiny and in high demand. To achieve this, you need to make sure you’re ready for market and that everything will run smoothly when customers come calling. Consider automating essential tasks to save time. With the Gen9 Server, you can manage it in any IT environment with the most basic up to mission-critical applications. Whether you need to deploy, monitor, update or maintain—you can set it and forget it.


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Drew Woods
Key Information Systems, Inc.