The future of secure data centers and VMware NSX

VMware NSXWhen it comes to your network, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. These days, a rogue typo or a cyberattack can wipe out availability for entire customer bases. Aside from unexpected emergencies, enterprises can struggle with mapping networking and IT resources to stay ahead of growing offices, distributed networks or simple human error.

You’ve probably already ensured parts (or all) of your data center use software-defined architecture for added resiliency and scalability. Additionally, if you use popular virtualization vendors like VMware, you have a number of options to harden against networking issues you need to address, such as VMware’s network virtualization platform, (VMware NSX). Next, review this quick checklist to head off any other concerns or interruptions to your connectivity:

Beef up control and security with micro-segmentation for security firewalls: Minimize the risk and impact of data breaches with granular control and security for East-West traffic inside your data center.

Use IT to automate IT: Don’t be tripped up by accidents or manual errors. Once you entrust your systems to automate manual activity, you’ll reduce the time it takes to provision and manage your network. As a bonus, you can take that time back to accelerate your time-to-market for new applications.

Modernize with flexible infrastructures: When you refresh and optimize your IT, you’ll open a whole new world to save on capital expenditures. Flexible infrastructures jumpstart you on your way to modern leaf and spine network fabrics, bare metal switches, open networking and other efficiencies.

Recover from disasters in a snap: Unplanned outages can cost tens of millions of dollars, but working off the cloud can help to ensure high availability or quickly increase activity if you need to scale up the load.

Sidestep vendor lock-in: What works for many may not work for all. Or, you may want the freedom to pick and choose equipment and software as needed, no strings attached to a one-vendor suite. VMware’s NSX supports new fabrics and geometries from all vendors, giving you breathing room for what suits your environment best.

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For more information, download our NSX Networking Infographic.

Robert Pryor
Director of Professional Services
Key Information Systems, Inc.