Getting proactive with VMware vRealize


VMware vRealizeThose of us in IT are often brought into the loop on problems after it’s too late. How often have you been called to an issue that has already taken up resources and caused pain? It can be frustrating, it’s inefficient and it’s clearly not the best way to use valuable resources.

The goal is to catch these issues before they become problems, before an emergency paralyzes your IT department. Of course, wanting to be proactive and being proactive are two different things. It’s why many of us wait until we have a toothache until we go to the dentist.

That’s the whole idea behind VMware vRealize. It lets you address the health, performance and capacity management of your IT services proactively – rather than waiting for a problem. You can do it whether your environment is all on-site, in the cloud or hybrid. It does this using VMware’s predictive analysis and smart alerts to ensure the best availability and performance across your whole environment, including vSphere, Hyper-V, Amazon and your physical hardware.

There are a couple other areas in which vRealize can make your IT department ready to respond and develop solutions quickly and efficiently.

More automation

vRealize helps you improve management of provisioned resources and reduce response time for IT requests by automating the delivery and management of IT infrastructure. This includes helping you understand the true cost of infrastructure options and the resources end users are consuming so that you can make the most of your capital spending budget.

Go for DevOps

DevOps is more than just the latest development philosophy; it’s a proven way to deliver features to end users quickly and efficiently. With vRealize, you can develop a cloud solution that delivers a complete app stack providing API or GUI access to resources, whichever method your developers prefer. It’s then easy to broaden the solution’s scope with the continuous delivery ideas of DevOps to speed application delivery even more.

Nobody likes to sit and wait for problems. With vRealize, you have better options.

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Robert Pryor
Director of Professional Services
Key Information Systems, Inc.