How HPE 3PAR Storage Adds Flexibility

The cost of data stoHPE 3PARrage is front of mind for many of our clients, and threatens to overrun IT budgets for many organizations. So, when something comes on the market with the potential to help out, we are always interested. HPE’s update to its 3PAR offering in mid-February, then, was really interesting.

In this blog, we’ll look at one improvement on the business side and one on the technical side that make 3PAR a much more compelling solution.

All-inclusive licensing

All-inclusive licensing is a feature that HPE customers have been requesting for a while. In fact, many clients have indicated this is the single improvement that will affect their business the most. It was already offered by companies like Dell and Nimble, and simplifies the purchasing process significantly.

This licensing option builds on 3PAR Flash Now, which went live in December and lets customers purchase 3PAR all-flash storage as a subscription rather than an upfront purchase. 3PAR Flash Now is now an option on HPE 3PAR OS 3.3.1. This, of course, changes those capital expenses in operating expenses, a big plus for many clients.

(More) powerful deduplication and compression

One of the major things with flash storage is that clients always want more compression. It makes perfect sense, of course, more compression and more deduplication means you need to purchase less physical storage.

Some of us may wonder just how much of a difference deduplication can make. Well, we all know that at their base, files are made up of ones and zeroes, right? According to some estimates, with VMware it’s pretty common that a 40 gigabyte virtual machine can have around 36 gigabytes of zeroes. So, deduplication isn’t just something that helps on the margins.

The latest 3PAR deduplication feature has the added benefit of just being really cool technology. Its Zero Detect locates long strings of zeroes and then replaces them with a marker. This feature alone reduces the need for a lot of storage space, and is part of 3PAR’s Adaptive Data Reduction, which also includes 2:1 data compression for the first time.

The entire feature set of 3PAR is worth taking a look at. Combined with our expertise in the technology, and partnership with HPE, we think it’s a solution that could potentially help a lot of companies out there.


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Christopher Ticknor
Director of Marketing
Key Information Systems