HPE Discover: A glimpse at tomorrow’s infrastructure management

HPE DiscoverHPE has kept the data center industry guessing over the last year, with multiple acquisitions and strategic business decisions to continue to hone the business focus. According to Network World’s recent interview with HPE’s Senior Vice President and General Manager for the Software Defined and Cloud Group Ric Lewis, the main drive is to set tomorrow’s infrastructure management landscape. At this year’s HPE Discover June 5 through 8 in Las Vegas, we’re looking forward to hearing how the company intends the map the rest of the year.

Hybrid IT continues to be a major focus for HPE as well as our clients. In many cases, we know clients don’t wake up one morning and say, “I’d like to add a new server…” or “I think I should have multiple clouds.” Hybrid IT is born out of necessity, like ensuring reliability and redundancy in case of a disaster. On the other hand, these layers can add new complexity and difficulty when managing everything, so it’s important to bring an expert partner on board to help simplify and streamline.

One concept we’re hearing a lot of buzz from HPE is flexible capacity storage, the company’s answer to many clients’ concerns with on-premise cloud. Enterprises receive an on-premise unit in addition to paying a subscription for metered service. The flexible capacity especially helps people with applications that don’t perform as well in the cloud.

There’s also a lot of opportunity to help organizations with hyperconvergence, rather than buying servers, network and storage components piecemeal. HPE made the move for additional traction in this market with its purchase of HCI vendor Simplivity this past January.

Attendees can look forward to general sessions, keynotes and roundtables on digital transformation services, and data and analytics. We’re betting hybrid IT and intelligent edge tracks will receive a lot of attention, especially with clients exploring cloud migration and multi-cloud strategies, as well as the explosive growth in IoT data. If you’re also visiting HPE Discover, you can get a preview of how KeyInfo worked with HPE Pointnext to deploy hosted storage services three times faster. Head over to the customer wall to get the details.


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Drew Woods
Key Information Systems, Inc.