Going above and beyond cloud demands with HPE

HPE Helion OpenStack

[Video – See why we leverage Helion OpenStack in our own cloud and our client’s environments]

For most organizations today, the question of moving applications and infrastructure to the cloud has evolved from if to when. The cloud’s agility, scalability and speed advantages are just too great to resist if an organization wants to stay competitive in this fast-moving, global business environment. According to a Gartner study, updated in mid 2016, most organizations seek a hybrid solution that lets them deploy applications across private and public clouds seamlessly to take advantage of the best each has to offer. Hybrid cloud also makes it easier to bridge the gap across old and new systems.

Flexibility is Key

Flexibility is the reason KeyInfo has partnered with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) to provide hybrid KeyCloud infrastructure and platform services. KeyCloud takes advantage of HPE’s OpenStack cloud platform with robust HPE storage and compute infrastructure and one of the most flexible hybrid cloud orchestration and management capabilities on the market.

This is a great solution for businesses seeking a powerful, secure, flexible cloud adoption platform. It’s also particularly attractive for organizations of all sizes that already run HPE infrastructure in house and want to move to the cloud easily without having to adjust to a whole new set of tools, infrastructure and way of life.

The Helion advantage

Helion is the foundation for KeyCloud’s HPE solution, allowing users to automate things that are normally manual processes. With a single pane of glass, clients can manage not only what they have in our cloud environment or with a public cloud provider, but on-premises as well, so they can understand where to best place workloads and move them back and forth. Helion’s automation and orchestration tools let clients create networks, subnets, and virtual machines, and do all the other provisioning for the application environment they need almost instantly in a few mouse clicks.

Aside from flexibility, you get the speed and power of HP’s fast 3PAR flash enabled virtual SAN storage and ProLiant Gen9 servers, and the secure data encryption, HIPAA and HITECH compliance and 99.999 percent uptime many organizations would never be able to achieve on their own.

It’s a powerful solution for organizations that want the best of both clouds without the large up front expense. Find out more.


Clayton Weise
Director of Cloud Services

Key Information Systems, Inc.