Hybrid Cloud Architecture

What does it mean to infrastructure customers today?

Cloud Blueprinting

Defining Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

The whole goal of a cloud is to abstract the infrastructure from what you are doing. The whole point of uploading your data with a cloud provider is so that you don’t have to worry about the hypervisors, networking or storage. The cloud is built by command, offering instant automation that ensures that no developer has to touch the infrastructure.  The need for automation comes in either Scale or Agility.

Cloud Migration - CheckScale
If you have an environment that is so large and expending a lot of manpower to manage, it may be cheaper to have a machine run that environment.

Cloud Migration - CheckAgility
Instead of relying on a development staff and waiting to deploy, you want the ability of a self-service portal that lets you roll things out on demand.

Like it or not, we are headed for a
multi-cloud world.

If you are new to cloud, it behooves you to start with a single provider, but at some point you will have reasons to change that. For an educated buyer, the more choices you have the better.


  • Advantage of both private and public cloud
  • Minimizes cloud vendor lock-in risks
  • Reduce the risks of data loss or downtime due to a provider's failure


  • Because of the numerous elements and large amounts of complexity, it is extremely difficult to manage.
    • Each has their own API, offerings and charges
  • Accounting - All things are built differently
  • Technically - None of the clouds are built to talk to each other
  • Governance - each has their own specifications for how they want to be governed.

85% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy, up slightly from 82% last year

Nearly a third of organizations work with four or more cloud vendors.

The increased use of multiple public cloud providers, plus growth in various types of private cloud services, will create a multicloud environment in most enterprises and a need to coordinate cloud usage using hybrid scenarios.

KeyInfo Solutions

Cloud Genera Assessment

Because of constantly changing technologies, we stick with you through every step of the ongoing evaluation process.

Proper Accounting

We help you figure out if you’ve made the right decisions and are keeping track of your costs properly.


We give you the ability to manage and monitor multiple clouds from a single place.

Hybrid Cloud Adoption

We empower your organization to meaningfully adopt some form of hybrid cloud by helping you merge your two clouds together, all while managing your data in the same way.

Public Cloud. Private Cloud. But how can you manage it all?

KeyInfo offers a diverse portfolio of technologies to help you deploy and manage whichever cloud best suits your business needs

VMware Cloud Architecture


VMware offers a number of different toolsets that allows you to write your own code to perform various operations. When deploying an operation that involves a variety of rules, VMware provides a platform in which to perform and operate each step. VMware is perfect for customers looking to modernize their workload and legacy applications aka those operating Brownfield Deployments.

OpenStack Cloud Architecture


OpenStack technology offers similar toolsets as VMware that allow customers to write their own code, while performing and operating the steps needed to manage the cloud. In contrast to VMware, OpenStack is more suited for Greenfield Deployments or those where applications are new and part of a brand new cloud environment.

HPE Cloud Architecture


HPE Cloud Service Automation is a software tool that allows you to manage multiple cloud environments from a single place. Organizations utilize HPE CSA by building a catalog of various services to offer their internal staff, and later grant that staff access to the catalog to configure what’s inside.


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