Hyperconvergence for all with HPE Synergy

HPE SynergyBy now, you’ve likely heard the term hyperconvergence. Basically, hyperconverged infrastructure is a software-centric model where compute, networking, virtualization and storage are tightly integrated in one box. As you also probably know, there are plenty of solutions out there looking to fill your every hyperconverged need.

Today we want to focus on a solution from our partner HPE that supercharges what hyperconvergence and hyper-converged environments can do: HPE Synergy. Ever since Synergy was introduced, we’ve seen an increasing interest from our clients. We’ll highlight a few important things about the solution including what it is, what companies like about it and what we’re doing to make sure we’re ready to help you out with it.

The first question we hear from many organizations is, What exactly is HPE Synergy? Basically, Synergy brings the best things about hyperconverged options to a frame-based hardware solution. At the heart of Synergy is HPE OneView. OneView is what gives Synergy its incredible simplicity, flexibility and, of course, cost and resource savings.

In our opinion, Synergy is a huge upgrade over what’s currently available in the hyper-converged market. It gives clients a unique ability to incrementally add blocks of compute, storage and fabric, then manage it easily, through a single interface. Among the things our initial clients have found most helpful, one that stands out is its compostable architecture.

Compostable architecture is a new approach to architecture that allows you to deploy IT resources quickly — setting up infrastructure that might have taken weeks previously in minutes. It combines software-defined and a unified API to make sure you have the exact right amount of compute, storage and fabric.

As Dru Murphy, one of our technology solutions consultants, recently told CRN, “Synergy is truly transformational so there will be a lot of push for KeyInfo to be on the front of the wave.” And we’re putting our proverbial money where our mouth is, dedicating sales and technical resources to learning about and helping clients with the technology.

So, if you’re considering a hyperconverged solution, check out our HPE partner page, as well as HPE’s dedicated Synergy site for more information. The benefits and testimonials provide a great framework for what hyperconverged architectures can offer, and how you can benefit from getting on board.

Want to learn more about hyperconvergence and HPE’s offerings? Drop us a note.


Drew Woods
Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
Key Information Systems