IBM All Flash: The Personal Trainer for your Data Center

IBM Flash StorageFlash storage is quickly gaining ground as a key component of enterprise IT strategies—and with good reason. The technology offers a number of major benefits compared with other storage methods. As a result, the concept of an “all-flash” environment is becoming a reality for many.

In a September 2016 report on the worldwide enterprise storage market, IDC noted that spending on all flash deployments continues to grow and is helping to drive the overall storage market. The decreasing cost of flash media, combined with increasing use cases, high-density deployments and the availability of flash-based storage products have led to rapid adoption throughout the market, the report said.

A number of trends, including the growth of mobile technology, social media, analytics and cloud computing are creating a need for exceptionally fast storage, which flash technology provides.

Solutions such as the IBM FlashSystem family of all-flash storage arrays were designed for flash from the ground up. These systems provide microsecond response times rather than the millisecond response times of competing products such as solid-state drives (SSDs) that were originally designed for slower disk-based systems.

IBM FlashSystem arrays enable even the largest big data analytics applications to process massive amounts of information, which makes the flash solutions ideal platforms for cloud computing.

There’s also a security benefit to these systems. FlashSystem arrays increase data protection by helping security applications detect threats and enforce controls quickly, so organizations can ensure data security.

IBM offers several flash storage options. These include IBM FlashSystem V9000, a comprehensive all-flash enterprise storage solution that provides the full capabilities of IBM FlashCore technology as well as a set of storage virtualization features; IBM Storwize V5030F, a virtualized, all-flash storage system designed to enable mid-sized businesses to address storage challenges with advanced functions, high performance, efficiency, and scalability; and IBM Storwize V7000F, a virtualized, software-defined, all-flash storage system that’s designed to consolidate workloads for simplicity of management, cost reduction, scalability and performance.

The flash solutions from IBM are engineered to meet the modern high-performance storage needs of organizations, through ultra-low latency, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency and reliability.

Many companies are looking to modernize their data centers to meet the growing demand for fast response and big data/analytics capabilities. As they do this, flash will continue to gain momentum as the storage technology of choice. The key to success with flash is choosing the optimum solution to meet the particular needs of the organization—and for that it makes sense to work with an IBM business partner that understands all aspects of flash and how it can provide business benefits.

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Chris Parker
Systems Engineer

Key Information Systems, Inc.