Improve IT agility and bridge mission critical applications on IBM Power and Storage Systems

IBM Platinum MarkToday’s IT environments need to be agile, especially given how fast the world and the business climate are changing. That’s why we recommend IBM Power Systems servers to our customers. They’re purpose-built to handle workloads that tax most servers, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics. And IBM provides the same server as a virtual machine in the IBM cloud, which makes it simple to move workloads from on-premises to a cloud environment, giving IT just the kind of flexibility they need. Power Systems scale out and integrate easily with other systems, which means they’re a perfect fit to support any organization that’s embarking on a cloud or AI strategy.

The same is true for other demanding workloads. Power Systems servers provide performance that other servers cannot match, which is one reason they have become the default platform for operating mission-critical applications like SAP HANA, JD Edwards, Lawson and Epic. For example, when optimized, IBM Power supports up to eight virtual machines on a single system, either on premises or in the IBM Cloud. And if you back the server with the IBM FlashSystem for data storage, performance really goes through the roof. The FlashCore module acts like a hard drive to handle tasks like encryption and compression without ever having to drop what’s on the processor.

Security is another huge differentiator for IBM Power. For starters, because the IBM i OS is not as widely deployed as others, hackers are not spending as much time searching for exploits they can use to attack them. But that’s not the real security strength of IBM Power. IBM Power Systems were designed with security built in at all layers: the processor, systems, firmware, OS and Hypervisor. The processor, in particular, makes it essentially impossible to exploit, and built-in encryption engines ensure that no organization needs to sacrifice performance for security. The POWER9 processor holds twice as many cryptographic engines as its POWER8 predecessor, enabling data encryption at twice the speed across all layers of the technology stack.

Finally, because Power System supports hard partitioning, even if I have a cluster with 60 processors, if I need just 20 of them for SAP HANA, I only need to purchase 20 licenses. With other server clusters, there’s no way to partition them off, so HANA might use any of those 60 processors, which means you need to buy three times as many licenses.

IBM Power Systems are flexible, scalable and secure, providing the high performance enterprises require for critical applications. And because enterprises can scale either on-premises or in the cloud, they provide IT with maximum flexibility. No other server comes close.


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Clayton Weise
Director of Cloud Services
Key Information Systems