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Analytics Overview

Big Data Analytics platforms enable enterprises to ingest, store, manage and analyze all relevant data, regardless of scale, speed or format. These platforms enable users to search, correlate and visualize information beyond the typical business transactions of accounting and operations. Modern infrastructures now integrate unstructured sources such as: shopping clickstreams, customer feedback and social media trends to deliver advanced business insights for today’s data driven businesses. Results are achieved with the simplicity and economics of Open APIs and standardized hardware and services. Whether your objectives are operations optimization, data governance or advanced analytics, a modern platform will simplify your architecture, improve decision making and increase the value of information and IT as a strategic asset.

Analytics - Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management

Today’s IT environments require intelligent, integrated and persistent enterprise-wide data views. Key Information Systems offers data federation platforms to unify, correlate, and manage enterprise information assets. These “All Data” management platforms are the optimal solution for data security, governance, and insights. These next generation technologies establish a solid data quality foundation – accessible, consistent, accurate and timely data.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics can mean different things across an organization.

  • Data warehouse modernization
  • 360 degree client view
  • Operations optimization
  • Research and product development
  • Science and discovery

Key Information Systems offers a robust suite of platforms and services to produce data driven results and business outcomes. Our solutions perform across a wide range of architectures and interfaces, and our capabilities are built on best practices with the latest open hardware and software. We design, implement and service digital transformations.

IT Operations Analytics

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

The best ITOA systems enable organizations to proactively monitor and control system availability performance, perform root cause analysis, and assess potential service impacts. Key Information Systems’ ITOA solutions focus on monitoring and management metrics, governance, and service level agreements – while prioritizing security, and identifying anomalies and behavior. The organization gets a robust ITOA solution that’s optimized for continuous improvement.