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KeyInfo invests in the most highly qualified and certified professional architects, engineers, and project managers to help clients drive projects and initiatives to completion

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Enterprise Health Checks

KeyInfo offers a variety of Enterprise Health Checks to help maximize the utilization of resources and create a roadmap for future innovation

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Professional Services Overview

KeyInfo™ invests in the most highly qualified and certified professional architects, engineers, and project managers to help clients drive projects and initiatives to completion. We analyze, design, implement, manage, and support flexible enterprise data center solutions for our clients. We leverage our collective expertise to minimize risk and realize optimal return on IT investments. Our professional services focus areas are systems, storage, networking and virtualization, along with cloud integration and enablement services:

  • Audits and assessments
  • Managed services to offset workloads
  • Installation and configuration services
  • Multi-disciplined integration services
  • Project management
  • Retainer services to augment client teams
  • Firmware / Code Upgrades

Assessments & Consulting Services

Comprehensive Assessment – At Key Information Systems, we assess each client’s IT needs from every angle. In addition to performing a thorough audit of systems, storage, network, and virtualization capacities, we also advise on IT staffing needs and process improvements.

Security and Risk – Strengthening a virtual security perimeter and reducing the threat of data-loss are goals of our assessment services. We leverage the strength of our advanced technology to analyze all areas of an IT infrastructure. Any detected vulnerabilities are addressed promptly and hardened using cutting-edge tools. We also implement state-of-the-art backup and recovery solutions, ensuring business continuity.

Cloud Readiness – Deep-dive assessment of an infrastructure helps us determine how an organization can incorporate the cloud quickly and efficiently. Key Information Systems’ engineers will quickly pinpoint the cloud solution that meets current and future needs of an enterprise, based on system requirements and cost. Features include:

  • Assessment discovery of client infrastructure including networking, storage, and compute
  • Collect and analyze performance data
  • Sizing recommendations
  • Upgrades for cloud compatibility
  • Cloud readiness and solutions recommendations
  • Cost analysis
  • Financial and technical scheduling
  • Cloud migration roadmap

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BYOD and Mobile Device Management – For team members whose projects take them from PC to laptop to tablet and beyond, KeyInfo will help you evolve your BYOD environment. Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables organizations to deploy a comprehensive set of corporate resources and productivity tools across devices. We will empower IT with a future-proof mobility platform, VMware AirWatch, that provides flexibility to manage multiple use cases, unified management of endpoints, end-to-end security from devices to data center and seamless integration across enterprise systems.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Ensuring a successful disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is critical in today’s enterprise architecture. KeyInfo is capable of both planning and implementing enterprise class DR strategies for your environment. Whether the recovery is targeted for your own DR facility, the Cloud or a hybrid solution; we can help you plan, implement and test to ensure business continuity in the time of need. Features include:

  • Assessment discovery
  • Disaster recovery discovery workshop
  • Quantitative environment data collection
  • Interviews with technical and business leaders
  • Document RPO and RTO for applications
  • Protection groups and Recovery sequencing
  • Provide disaster recovery findings and recommendations document, including gap analysis

Enterprise Health Checks – Key Information Systems’ Health Checks help mitigate potential issues in your environment and reduce costs. Our certified experts will provide a condensed, onsite design review, best practices engagements and an optimum level of support in system maintenance. KeyInfo specializes in the following Health Checks:

  • VMware
  • IBM Storage
  • IBM Power Systems
  • Cisco UCS
  • Network

For a full breakdown of the benefits of each Health Check offering, please click below.

Software Optimization

Key Information Systems helps you assess your current Software Asset Management (SAM) program and identify areas for improvement – with the overall goal being to minimize risks and control costs. Customized offerings can also include product education, SAM program design, implementation and ongoing support.


  • Effectively predict software needs and ongoing support costs
  • Cost avoidance from overbuying licenses
  • Identify opportunities to redeploy unused software licenses
  • Higher confidence in assurance of information security


  • Assistance in assessing current SAM program – an assessment report including findings and recommendations. We will provide knowledge transfer and best practices
  • Training on what SAM is, what its benefits are and how to implement it
  • Potential Services for all stages of SAM design, implementation and ongoing support to fit your needs
Software Optimization
Software Optimization

Architectural Design and Planning

Key Information Systems specializes in enterprise architecture. Our design solutions strengthen a business’ current flow of information with an eye toward incorporating emerging technologies in the future.

Relentless Client Focus – Client input is integral at the architectural planning and design stages. We start with a discovery and assessment phase, then we employ advanced analytical tools and processes that assess an existing infrastructure before deploying new solutions, making the transition to a revised architecture seamless and efficient.

Multi-Discipline Integration

Simplifying Complex Deployments – No two IT challenges are alike. Key Information Systems provides a single-source ally when designing, managing, and integrating your IT framework. We anticipate the many interdependencies of complex deployments, including data and systems migration, software defined networking, virtual desktop launching, and other essential considerations. Our know-how enables us to deliver seamless, trouble-free system integrations with minimal downtime.

Data and Systems Migration

Our Professional Services team is highly skilled in both data and systems migrations, minimizing the down-time involved in any transition.  We will build out an in-depth project plan and ensure a smooth transition during the migration process.