Disaster Recovery

KeyCloud DRaaS provides a comprehensive, cloud-based alternative to traditional disaster recovery approaches

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KeyCloud DRaaS offers an affordable way to protect your critical systems and data while ensuring a quick, seamless recovery when unexpected events occur


Case Study

Sunkist wanted the ability to recover everything on the network, from business-critical systems down to fax servers, without restraints on CPU, storage, or manpower

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DRaaS Assessment

Let KeyInfo come in and complete a high level discovery around your current Disaster Recovery technical readiness

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Why KeyCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service?

KeyCloud Disaster Recovery

We offer real solutions for your disaster recovery challenges

  • Ensure your business is ‘always on’ without any hardware investment
  • Eliminates the cost of an off-premise location, infrastructure, and personnel
    • Offer a full suite of solutions from ‘cold’ to active/active replication for your business in our secured KeyCloud data centers
  • Fully-featured testing suite to allow non-disruptive DR tests of your production environment
  • Guarantee recovery time and point objective (RTO and RPO) within minutes
  • Focus on customer’s business needs
KeyCloud Disaster Recovery


KeyCloud Disaster Recovery as a Service

Be prepared for the unexpected with KeyCloud Disaster Recovery as-a-Service. KeyCloud DRaaS offers an affordable way to protect your critical systems and data while ensuring a quick, seamless recovery when unexpected events occur.

Sunkist Case Study

A key advantage KeyInfo brought was the ability to customize the solution to Sunkist’s performance and cost requirements. Not every application is business-critical, in need of the fastest and most costly recovery.

5 Traits You Need From Your DRaaS Provider

Finding a provider is a challenge, but working with a channel partner to identify providers that excel in the following five areas will lead to the best recovery plan for your business.

Does your organization have a properly tested Disaster Recovery plan?

So why would disaster recovery as a service work in your favor? The benefits that a DR service provider like KeyInfo brings in this hybrid-type model is that we can replicate those legacy applications on both the target and production side, no matter the type of environment.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Every business wants to protect its operations from downtime and loss of data. Gaps in your disaster recovery coverage put your business at risk.

Despite all we know about how quickly disasters can happen and how devastating they can be to any business, the vast majority of companies still don’t have a viable, properly tested disaster recovery plan. 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months of the disaster (National Archives & Records Administration). A clear and concise Disaster Recovery solution can make all the difference in your businesses’ ability to recover.

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from large scale to a localized issue. It’s important to understand how to best design a solution to ensure the smallest interruption to your business as possible. KeyInfo employs a number of diverse technologies to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients because Disaster Recovery is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. No two clients are identical and KeyCloud™ DRaaS can be customized to meet your recovery point and time objectives based on the latest technology.

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)

KeyInfo delivers high-performance disaster recovery (DR) for enterprise-scale workloads

With VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM) disaster recovery solution, KeyInfo provides a complete disaster recovery solution including automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans for all virtualized applications.

VMware SRM Features:

  • Fast and reliable IT disaster recovery at half the cost
  • One-click recovery with policy-based management
  • No apps left behind
  • Zero downtime application mobility
Disaster Recovery - Meteorite

Storage Replication (V7K & NetApp)

VMware: SRM, Zerto
AIX: PowerHA
OS/400: PowerHA

OS/Guest Replication

Windows: DoubleTake
Linux: DoubleTake* (x86 only)
AIX: DoubleTake

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery on Intel Solutions

Simple, yet powerful disaster recovery solution for virtualized infrastructures includes all of the replication, recovery orchestration and automation in one simple software solution

  • Install in minutes with no downtime using scalable software
  • Simple to use with hypervisor integration enabling protection of just the needed VMs
  • Replicate from any storage to any storage reducing complexity and increasing flexibility
  • Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) of seconds minimizing data loss with no snapshots and no performance impact
  • Automated and orchestrated recovery delivering Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of minutes
  • Consistent multi-VM application recovery to the same point in time
  • Automatic failback configuration with a single checkbox
  • No-impact failover testing and migrations of tens to hundreds of VMs simultaneously
  • Redundant management interfaces, one production and one in DR, allowing recovery in any scenario

Disaster Recovery on IBM Power Systems

With over 23 years of experience for replications and disaster recovery, allow KeyCloud to leverage our transaction-level journal replication in order to provide you with the shortest RPO and quickest RTO possible.

  • Protects your business from the high cost of downtime
  • Delivers worry-free protection from data loss
  • Simplifies HA/DR management and monitoring
  • Supports replication between physical, virtual and cloud environments, empowering infrastructure choice and flexibility
  • Optimizes the health of your IBM i servers

Zerto Disaster Recovery for IBM Cloud

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) enables you to leverage the power and scalability of the IBM Cloud without adding on another layer of complexity, while ensuring your applications and data are always available no matter the disaster.

With Zerto Virtual Replication, you can easily migrate production workloads from on-premise to VMware Cloud Foundation on the IBM Cloud simply and efficiently. Some of the product features include:

  • Realize aggressive service levels
  • Fully automated failover and failback
  • Continuous data protection
  • Non-disruptive disaster recovery testing
  • Fast replication

Try our Disaster Recovery Downtime Calculator to see how an untimely disaster could affect your business operations.

Vision Solutions Disaster Recovery on MIMIX

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Software for Any Infrastructure

  • Faster Recovery
  • Stronger Data Protection
  • Smarter way to manage high availability for IBM i
  • Scalable, flexible replication technology
  • Convenient management with an intuitive interface
  • Easy to configure, monitor and control
  • Customizable, automated procedures
  • Auditing for data integrity and switch confidence
  • Ultimate protection with multiple HA/DR servers
  • Automated IBM i server optimization

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