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Key Information Systems’ KeyCloud, unlike other cloud providers, is built to enterprise standards for enterprise-scale workloads, providing your organization with a set of world-class offerings featuring Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS). We deliver split second response times with flash storage, in conjunction with high-speed networking and multi-threaded connectivity, to offer adaptable and highly available cloud services that safely and efficiently scale with your changing business needs.

KeyCloud easily handles spikes in demand and responds to unexpected needs as capacity requirements and business conditions change. We blend the optimum set of managed services to allow your staff to concentrate more on strategic initiatives. Our highly secure data center will provide you with the flexibility to leverage cloud services in handling your data processing and data management workloads.

Our custom approach to developing KeyCloud was designed to achieve the optimum cloud services experience for your unique and changing requirements. Whether for a large enterprise or smaller midrange organization, our KeyCloud implementation teams work with your IT department to build just the right solution to fit your specific needs. Choosing the right cloud services is the most critical decision a business makes when deciding to move to the cloud.

Our Director of Cloud Services, Clayton Weise, recently sat down with Townsend Security to discuss Infrastructure as a Service and Data Security.

Our Technologies

KeyCloud IBM i and AIX

KeyCloud IBM i and AIX is a managed, highly scalable, SAN-backed cloud that can enable you to better support your legacy applications. KeyCloud o­ffers high performance and robust security, all managed by our team of experienced IT professionals. We can guarantee performance in ways that a typical cloud cannot, and we make sure that you have the resources you need to move your IBM i and AIX applications to the cloud.

KeyCloud OpenStack

KeyCloud OpenStack is a highly scalable cloud built on HPE Helion OpenStack. KeyCloud can extend your on-premise IT into the cloud with high performance and robust security based on proven HPE hardware, all managed by our team of experienced IT professionals. We can guarantee performance in ways that a typical cloud cannot, and we make sure that you have the resources you need without the hassle of managing everything yourself.

KeyCloud Features


Secure virtual and dedicated machines

Our carrier-grade data center for 99.999% uptime SLA on hardware, network, and storage

Intel and IBM Power Servers with IBMi (OS/400), AIX, Linux, and Windows

Enterprise grade vertical architecture for quick and dynamic granular scaling as business and capacity needs grow

Flexible, simple and best-of-breed customizable infrastructure and security

Compliance: SSAE-18, HIPAA, PCI

Reduced capex with affordable pay-as-you-go plan

Rapid access to new markets and applications with lowered IT administration costs

What We Provide

Hypervisor   |   VMware   |   PowerVM

CPU   |   Infrastructure Monitoring   |   RAM

Disk   |   Network   |   DDoS Mitigation

IPM (Virtual Instruments and Fluke Networks   |   Orchestrator Maintenance   |   Hypervisor Maintenance

We Operate Our Data Centers

When other Infrastructure as-a-Service providers lease data center facilities from third parties, the liabilities and responsibilities for service performance and outages become vague, and you get caught in the middle. We offer total redundancy, from multiple power sources and multiple backup power systems, to multiple ISP’s and networking devices. No single points of failure, no excuses! Our years of experience give us the ability to provide hardware on-premise or off-premise, and to offer KeyInfo’s Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud services, IaaS, DRaaS, BRaaS, all at an Enterprise level, from our own Data Centers, empowers KeyInfo to focus on our customer’s business needs.

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