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KeyCloud IBM i and AIX is a managed, highly scalable, SAN-backed cloud that can enable you to better support your legacy applications

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KeyCloud offers high performance and robust security, all managed by our team of experienced IT professionals


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IBM iSeries and AIX Cloud Hosting

Pricing starts around $500/month

Host your IBM AIX, i Systems, AS400, OS/400, iSeries, i5/OS applications in the most technologically advanced and secure cloud environments available. Eliminate the risk, expense and time associated to maintaining hardware. Run the best in security and resiliency at a fraction of the cost of owning your own infrastructure. Benefit from what leading organizations use as their iSeries application infrastructure to provide permanence and business continuity to mission critical applications but, at the bandwidth and price that best fits your organization.

KeyInfo was one of the first to launch the near bulletproof AIX and iSeries platforms in a hosted as-a-Service product. KeyInfo’s high availability service provides enterprise-class performance on the latest IBM Power Systems technology, running applications that require IBM i Virtual Machines (IBM POWER5, POWER6, POWER7, POWER8, POWER9) with the convenience factor of cloud consumption. Utilizing ultra-secure Switch Supernap Tier 5 Data Centers, we achieve compliance in almost all sectors of the most stringent industry requirements, including HIPPA and SSAE-18. KeyInfo’s iSeries and AIX hosting has received recognition from IBM and leading technology publications, for its innovation and best-in-class 99.999% uptime. Whether it’s an ala carte infrastructure-as-a-service (supporting Windows, Linux, AIX or i Systems), or complete AIX and iSeries managed service, KeyInfo has done it and has a solution for it.

“KeyCloud IBM i immediately amplified our redundancy and continuity… We can operate at the scale of larger enterprise organizations, exceed client expectations and leverage all of the benefits Key Information Systems’ services have to offer.”

Ric Piecuch, Vice President of IT at MESVision

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Get rid of your IBM i hardware and securely place your workloads in the cloud.

KeyCloud is a managed, highly scalable, SAN-backed cloud that can enable you to better support your legacy applications. KeyCloud offers high performance and robust security, all managed by our team of experienced IT professionals. We can guarantee performance in ways that a typical cloud cannot, and we make sure that you have the resources you need to move your IBM i applications to the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Architect’s Guide

Get the IT performance your need in a highly flexible and scalable model.

Even with the rising use of cloud resources, organizations still choose to keep many of their applications and workloads on-premises - one of the main reasons that many organizations are shifting toward hybrid cloud as an approach to IT.

Infrastructure as-a-Service for IBM i

Currently, there is a somewhat painful yet obvious point that there is not a lot of new talent running the IBM i operating system. So while there is a lot of business reliance on i, there are very few young people that are working on the operating system, hardware and pieces that support it.

Generally speaking, applications running IBM i are extremely large and have been pretty substantial to core business processes for the past 10-20-30 years. Because these systems have been so reliable, a replacement is most likely, not been cost-justified or there has been no need to replace them.

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KeyInfo is a recognized leader in IT, utilizing the most innovative and powerful technologies to create impactful business outcomes.

KeyInfo helped an international logistics company modernize their IT infrastructure and ensure business continuity for their entire communications and operations systems.

KeyInfo enable the company to free up their valuable employees, dramatically streamline their processes and be at the forefront of their industry from a technology perspective.

Managed Services

Management, Monitoring and Capacity Planning for your 24x7 Enterprise


  • Live Partition Mobility: Allows us to move IBM i from one server to another, while the system is running.
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Provide monthly reports showing the system CPU/Memory and disk utilizations, along with trending reports on batch and OLTP job processing.
  • System Logs: Monitor the system logs for errors and take corrective action based on a playbook agreed to by the client.
  • Backup Status: Review backup logs to validate backup system integrity
  • Profile and Password Management: Monitor for disabled user profiles and change User IDs and passwords as requested
  • Manage Printers and Communication Devices: Monitor the printer OutQ for messages and make sure all printers and communication devices are online
  • Manage Job Queues: Monitor the user job queues and help distribute the job queue workload in the most efficient way




Hardware Management Console (HMC) Access

Same traditional interface that you’ve grown accustomed to.

Monitoring Details and Portal Access

We monitor and ALERT the Network Manager instantly if a problem is detected, so action can be taken before users are impacted.

Cloud Hosting and Communications Evaluation

Don’t break your wide area network (WAN) when you migrate your system to a cloud provider.

Maintain Control of Your Data

We offer a flexible contracting process, negotiating the terms and conditions based on your requirements.

Protect your IBM i and AIX Data

With Vision Solutions MIMIX technology and IBM Spectrum protect, KeyInfo has both Disaster Recover and Backup & Recovery (supporting daily backups) as-a-Service solutions that provide additional support and transition to a “tape-less” world.

Backup and Recovery

Our standard offering is not on tape - it’s a cloud based solution that provides better performance, reliability and access. What we have looks and acts like a tape, but when we take your backups we never bring your production system down. 6 dailies and 4 weeklies are included, with additional monthlies optional. We store a copy of your backups out-of-state as part of our standard offering. Monthly tape duplication is available. Tape is handled in accordance with SSAE 18 and HIPAA policies.

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Disaster Recovery

Align your architecture with a disaster recovery solution that is optimized for your environment. We have two primary strategies around our DRaaS offering:

  • Live replication using Vision Solutions’ MIMIX
  • Storage-Based Replication
  • Supports AIX Systems

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Take an important step toward mitigating IBM i security threats.

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