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What is AS/400 iSeries?

Learn why IBM AS/400 iSeries Environments are still used today

Initially introduced in 1988, IBM’s Application System/400 aka AS/400 was advertised as a family of easy-to-use computers designed for small and mid-sized organizations. As part of the introduction, IBM announced 1,000 software packaged which, at the time, was the biggest simultaneous applications announcement in computer history. By 1997, IBM had shipped almost half-million AS/400s and by 2000, the AS/400 iSeries family was replaced by the IBM eServer iSeries. While today the operating system is called IBM i and the hardware is Power Systems, many still refer to the system as AS/400 iSeries.

Is AS/400 iSeries dead?

In short, NO. AS/400 iSeries technology serves as the foundation for IBM i and Power Systems, and is run by many organizations to this day. There are numerous reasons why the platform has stood the test of time including scalability, security, reliability and compatibility.

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Why choose KeyInfo as your AS/400 iSeries Solutions Provider?

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we’ve supported IBM i and AS/400 iSeries customers for over 3 decades. We are the industry leading AS/400 iSeries experts in Southern California and across the United States. While other providers make false statements that claim instant savings, we work with our clients to find a pay-as-you-go model that works best for their budget. As an IBM Premier Partner, we are the first to know what new technology IBM has around the corner, and are able to relay that information to our clients. See what puts KeyInfo ahead of the game:

  • Peak Performance and Operation: We utilize the latest in technology, including IBM POWER9, with the latest in cloud computing technology. Our AS/400 iSeries solutions strive on the flexibility and scalability of resources, allowing you to solely focus on your business operations.
  • Customer Friendly Payments: You choose what resources are mission critical to your organization, allowing you to pay only for what you need.
  • Unlimited Access: Whether you’re at the home office, traveling for business or working from home, our AS/400 iSeries customers experience 24x7 access to their data across the United States via internet connection.
  • Ultra-Secure Data Protection: Our partnership with Switch’s Tier 5 Data Centers brings the highest quality security for our AS/400 iSeries customers. We offer 3 site replication to ensure your data is always protected.
  • IBM i Certified Professional Services Team: Our AS/400 iSeries systems update services provide clients with industry leading system maintenance support and services including Operating Systems upgrades and PTF Management.


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