IBM i and AIX Communications Impact to Cloud Hosting

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IBM i and AIX Communications Impact to Cloud Hosting

Traditional Cloud Migration

A typical cloud migration with legacy hardware is not always the easiest transition. The traditional process of doing this is by taking a server that lives in an ecosystem (most commonly the IBM i Platform) and then moving it across a Wide Area Network (WAN) to a cloud provider. This is where issues arise. If there are 10 gigs of bandwidth traffic that goes back and forth with that system, you will break your WAN. For the sake of your ecosystem, this must be avoided at all costs!

What are your options for a smoother transition?

Traditional Cloud Hosting
KeyInfo Cloud Hosting

The KeyInfo Differentiator

At KeyInfo we take the necessary steps to evaluate your needs to provide the best solution for your environment. We evaluate your east-west traffic flow to make sure that it is re-hostable as is, all the while providing guidance on how much bandwidth you may or may not need. This can be done over a virtual private network (VPN), a MPLS connection or private fiber - WE SUPPORT ALL THREE. We also include intrusion prevention through our firewall to ensure the smoothest transition possible.