IBM i and AIX Hardware Management Console (HMC)

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IBM i and AIX Hardware Management Console (HMC)

A Hardware Management Console (HMC) is an appliance used to manage Power Systems servers. In particular, it may be used to create or change virtual machines (LPARs), including dynamically altering the hardware assigned to an LPAR (add and remove) without rebooting the operating system running in the LPAR. It also provides access to the console of every virtual machine (LPAR) on every managed server.

HMC Dashboard #2
HMC Dashboard

Will I still have access to my HMC?

The answer is YES and this is how it works

The IBM i and AIX HMC will be the provisioning system for all of those physical systems that exist in your enterprise. Using the same user access, you’ll be able to manage the physicality of environments with something you’re already familiar with. We offer direct access to a virtual Hardware Management Console in a multi-tenant form so you can manage your own instance over a VPN connection. We can provide all of this in a virtual instance so that you have access to only your environments, and that alone.