Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage has near infinite capacity, allowing you to store a massive amount of data relatively inexpensively

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Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage

In the beginning there was Block and File. . . Now Object

In the beginning, storage originally came in two forms: Block and Storage. The most universal form of storage is block but it has been notoriously expensive and cannot exist in a cloud environment. Today there is another form of storage that consumers are implementing into their environments - Cloud Object Storage.

Cloud Object Storage has near infinite capacity, allowing you to store a massive amount of data relatively inexpensively. It also has the potential to grow far beyond normal storage capacity, giving the consumer the advantage of expanding their data storage without having to go through numerous configurations.

Object Storage

  • Tried and Tested Scalability - Scale to exabytes on a single global namespace that offers a unified, single point of management and access at web-scale.
  • Configurable Reliability and Availability - Choose the combination of efficiency that best suits application and user requirements.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership - STaaS requires less than half the storage and 70% lower TCO.  Switch customer enjoy 90% less ingress/egress fees.
  • 15x Increase in Management Productivity - Designed for continuous availability without requiring downtime. Survive a full site failure or disaster, and still access 100% of your data.
  • Data-at-Rest Encryptions - Built-in with no need for separate key management.
  • Software-Defined Storage Flexibility - No proprietary hardware.
  • System Configuration - A single pane of glass for administration, monitoring and fault management.
  • Storage Slices - Distributed geographically for durability and availability.

File Storage

  • Full Cloud Integration - For authoritative copies of files providing low costs archiving with infinite scale.
  • Extended Access Control Lists (ACL) - For granular permission-based file access.
  • Deduplication - Ensures only unique data is stored on the cloud, further improved by compression to minimize storage capacity requirements.
  • Large Local Cache and Data Pinning Capabilities - Brings LAN-speed access to commonly-used files.

Block Storage

  • Block level storage can be used to store files and can work as storage for special applications like databases, Virtual machine file systems, etc.
  • Each storage volume can be treated as an independent disk drive and it can be controlled by external server operating system
  • Data transportation is much efficient and reliable
  • Usually deployed in SAN or storage area network environment
  • Supports individual formatting of file systems like NFS, NTFS or SMB (Windows) or VMFS (VMware) which are required by the applications

New needs demand a new storage architecture

Today’s exponential data growth requires a new kind of storage approach - one that delivers choice and consistency, with:

- Flexibility to meet your enterprise’s rapidly changing needs -
- Scale for any storage demand large or small across network -
- Simplicity in management and cost -

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Support Today's Storage Needs

Exponential data growth and changing needs call for a new approach to storage, and STaaS from KeyInfo delivers one.

Making the Case for Object Storage

Because of its greater flexibility and almost infinite capacity, object storage is the best option for organizations that are looking for a cost-effective, scalable and easily managed storage solution to help them keep up with the exponential growth of data and their changing storage needs.

How Object Storage Solves Meta Data Issues

Storage has traditionally come in two forms, block and file. Where block and file run into issues is the use of meta data. Today, a third form of storage was designed to solve scaling issues. Object Storage. The thought process behind Object Storage is to remove the reliance on meta data. In the past, the meta data served as a map to locate the data you were looking for. What object did was get rid of that map.

Reference Architecture

Storage as-a-Service for Files, Imaging, Video, Architectural and Seismic Data

Your data is available even in the face of a regional outage and protected with no external key management required, even in the face of a regional security breach. Other benefits include:

Global Locking
Global Dedupe
Global Namespace
Unlimited Storage
Disaster Recovery
DB Dump
OPEX Savings

Why KeyCloud Storage as a Service?

Have your storage requirements continued to scale?

Applications need sustainability and access to compete in hyper-competitive markets. Make an object and file storage choice that will have the economic and resiliency advantages to give a competitive edge.

Our service is dramatically more reliable, less complex and more cost-efficient than traditional storage! Traditional storage requires 3.6 TBs raw storage capacity for 1 TB of usable storage. Our object storage requires only 1.7 TBs of raw storage capacity for 1 TB of usable storage.

Data Replication
Included 3-site resilience

Keyless encryption
by default

Multiple Sites
No performance degradation

Massively Scalable
Petabytes of global

Collaborate across multiple sites

  • File System lets users in different offices work together like they’re in the same room – even on the largest, most complex files
  • Simpler, faster, and less expensive than deploying primary, backup, and archive storage at each site, and running WAN optimization over private networks
  • Provides a locking, immediately consistent global file system for storing your application data that spans all your offices

Want more to justify a move to cloud storage?

STaaS Network Area Storage

Enterprise NAS with the economics and unlimited capacity of the cloud


Tiers 1, 2 and 3  |  Deduplication and Compression  |  Intelligent Caching  |  Extended Access Control Lists (ACLs)  |  Global Namespace  |  Pay-as-you-go

Cloud-Backed with 12 Nines of Availability

Cloud storage and redundant copies of data across geographically dispersed cloud data centers with Panzura’s unique snapshot technology

Consolidates Local Backups and Tape

100% all file data in the cloud, while keeping the 10% of active data cached on appliance close to users and applications

Eliminates Local NAS and File Servers

Simpler, faster, and less expensive than deploying traditional primary, backup, and archive storage at each site and the networking infrastructure needed for that storage

STaaS Backup and Recovery

A superior alternative to archiving

Save time and money by eliminating tape local backups, and offsite replication

Supports SMB/NFS interfaces to integrate seamlessly with standard archiving tools, making it easy to transfer data to cloud storage

Archiving to the cloud maintains online access to data, allowing rapid retrieval whenever needed

Scale up or down as needed, without oversubscribing

Eliminates the need for forward provisioning or capacity planning

Included Features:

  • Cloud-backed with 12 nines of availability
  • Offsite protection without all the mess. No more tapes
  • Support for database and VMDK archiving, use the cloud to archive VMware VMDK files and direct Oracle or SQL database dumps
  • Full support of snapshots for data versioning and retention
  • FIPS 140-2 with AES-256 bit encryption making data secure at rest and in transit
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KeyInfo has partnered with Switch, a global technology solutions company whose core business is the design, construction and operations of the most advanced data centers and most powerful technology ecosystem on the planet.

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Switch partnership allows KeyInfo to empower clients with a myriad of options for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability and investment protection.

Tier 5 Gold-rate multi-tenant colocation data centers

The world’s highest-rated data center campus

Up to 2.4 million sq. ft. of Tier 5 Gold data center space

Up to 325 MW of power, with 100% uptime guaranteed

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