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KeyInfo has partnered with Switch, a provider of world-class data centers that are designed, built and operated at an industry leading standard

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Switch Partnership

KeyInfo's Switch Data Center Partnership

KeyInfo has partnered with Switch, a provider of world-class data centers that are designed, built and operated at an industry leading standard to be a core component of the cloud hosting architecture. The partnership has developed an ultra-secure cloud ecosystem where clients can directly access a diverse array of services and solutions, such as KeyInfo’s Disaster Recovery, as well as the KeyInfo’s Object Storage as a Service offering. KeyInfo with Switch enables IT teams to advance their business technology solutions using a mix of private, public and hybrid cloud environments based on the needs of the application or workload.

Replicated across Switch’s Reno, Las Vegas and Grand Rapids locations, KeyInfo’s cloud solutions offer geographic redundancy and the ability to utilize the benefits from multi-site configurations without the restrictions of heavy capital investments.

Already a Switch customer? KeyInfo’s Storage, Disaster Recovery and Backup & Recovery as-a-Service (STaaS, DRaaS, BRaaS) will give customers of Switch’s SUPERNAP Data Centers access to superior cloud services at a flat rate, dramatically decreasing infrastructure costs compared to popular public cloud subscriptions.

The new STaaS technology is ideal for enterprises and large corporate teams that want resiliency with secure encryption without the extra costs associated to secondary infrastructures. A perfect match for organizations who carry a large storage burden or looking to scale dramatically. The STaaS offering also leverages Panzura file storage technology as a complete platform that ensures the highest levels of performance and availability for enterprise clients. With Panzura’s global file system, databases are accessible as local file systems, allowing offices around the world to collaborate on files, especially films, video games, architectural designs and other large projects.

Switch Data Center Specifications

  • 260 patented and patent pending claims on data center systems, designs and related industry technologies
  • Switch SHIELD data center roofing system includes two independent, redundant and individually rated 200 mph steel roof systems that are 100 percent penetration free and forever maintainable
  • Switch WDMD: Wattage Density Modular Design for tri-redundant power
  • Switch T-SCIF (Thermal Separate Compartment in Facility)
  • Switch TSC 1000 ROTOFLY (Uninterruptible high-efficiency data center cooling)
  • Switch SHIELD (Redundant data center roofing system)
  • Switch BLACK IRON FOREST (Temperature control system)
  • Switch Living Data Center (Automatic building adjustment management system)
  • Switch data centers are purpose-built, stand-alone single floor facilities; constructed using concrete and steel infrastructure
  • Supporting cabinet densities of up 42kW/cabinet
  • Power spine quad-divided PDU corridor enabling unequaled sustainability and density while maintaining maintenance and security separations
  • Switch THERMAL-SCIF™ (T-SCIF) design to power and cool more equipment per rack than any other large scale facility in the world and to support 100 percent heat containment


Switch Data Center Specifications
Switch Data Center SuperLoop

Switch Data Center Locations

Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada

Lowest disaster rating in the western U.S.
Connected by the SUPERLOOP (17,000 gig)
7 milliseconds from the Bay Area basin
7 milliseconds from Los Angeles metro
1-hour flight from your office to your gear
Both campus locations can run indefinitely without water
The only Tier 5 Gold colocation data centers on the planet
1000+ collaborative client ecosystem
$5 trillion CORE Cooperative purchasing consortium

Grand Rapids, Michigan

New York, Chicago, Washington DC and Toronto all under 14 milliseconds away
22,000 square foot secure, weatherized completely indoor loading dock and staging area capable of handling two 53’ trailers
On-site, on-net member presentation, meeting rooms and tech lounges
0% sales and use tax
>75% personal property tax abatement for eligible Switch clients
Low-risk natural disaster areas
Easy access to major metro markets
To learn more about our partnership with Switch, contact us today!

Switch Data Center Grand Rapids