Still haven’t switched to POWER9? What are you waiting for?

Data CenterIt has been a little over a year since IBM introduced the POWER9 scale out variant of Power and just a few months since the scale up POWER9 processors were introduced last August. Since that time, we’ve had our fair share of customers make the switch, but others still have questions. “Why should I move to POWER9?” “How is POWER9 better than POWER5, POWER6, and POWER7?” “How is POWER9 better than the competition?” In the following paragraphs, we aim to answer these questions for those who are still on the fence about making the change.

Why should you move to POWER9?

Although technology moves so fast, aged infrastructure can slow you down and makes it hard to decide when it is the right time to upgrade your servers. If it has been 5+ years since upgrading your servers, the time is now. If you’re an organization with tons of data on your hands, it could be even sooner. Upgrading to POWER9 results in savings on hardware, software licensing, maintenance and support for hardware and software, as well as savings on data center energy and cooling costs. Additionally, POWER9 offers nearly 3x better performance per core and server consolidation from 4 nodes to 1 node.

How is POWER9 better than POWER5/6/7 and the competition?

The POWER9 family of servers scale performance affordably, are built for cloud, reliable, delivered with security and are able to revolutionize any mission critical application.

  • Scales Performance Affordably: IBM POWER9 core technology drives the world’s fastest supercomputers and is ready to accelerate your enterprise. POWER9 is the only processor with state-of-the-art I/O subsystem technology, including next generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4 and OpenCAPI.
    • Up to 4.6x performance improvement
    • Increases 8x IO bandwidth (POWER7) and 2x IO bandwidth (POWER8)
    • Increase 3x memory bandwidth (POWER7) and 20% more memory bandwidth (POWER8)
    • 2x performance per core, 2.6x RAM per socket and 1.8x memory bandwidth per socket vs. x86
  • Simplified MultiCloud: IBM Power Systems enables the most data intensive mission critical workloads in private and hybrid cloud environments. Get access to migration-less cloud to help reduce complexity while implementing a tailored cloud strategy for your business.
  • Reliability: IBM Power Systems ranked the most reliable for 10th straight year delivering 99.9996% uptime
  • Security: IBM Power Systems is designed to deliver end-to-end security, from the processor to the OS.

In 2019 we will see the end of life with no parts availability for POWER5 (Jan. 31st), POWER6 (Mar. 31st) and POWER7 (Sept. 30th). If you haven’t explored making the switch to POWER9, it’s never too late to start. Contact us today to see how we can better suit your IBM Power Systems’ needs.


Drew Woods
Senior Marketing Communications Manager
Key Information Systems