Managing complex apps in complex hybrid environments [Video]

Cisco CloudCenterCompanies use applications for every task imaginable. As applications have become increasingly efficient and able to do more and more, the number of applications organizations deployed has grown significantly. Of course, as the number of applications grows, managing them is also becoming a more difficult task.

It doesn’t end with increasing application numbers, though. Companies are also no longer willing to let infrastructure dictate how they develop apps, and are creating new versions of their applications at an increasingly fast pace. With this picture of the app development space, companies aren’t really asking whether they’re going to put their apps in the cloud, they’re asking how to deploy, manage and migrate applications no matter where they’re located – on-premise, in a private cloud or in the public cloud.

These complex requirements are conspiring to make application management in hybrid environments virtually impossible, and driving the need for hybrid IT management solutions.

This is the subject of an interesting video from Cisco. In it, Lauren Malhoit, a technical marketing engineer at Cisco, discusses Cisco CloudCenter, formerly CliQr, and how it can help organizations looking to smooth the management of their apps in these complex environments. Some of the benefits she lays out include:

  • Modeling, benchmarking, deploying and managing applications both technologically and administratively
  • Supporting a wide range of apps, and letting you easily integrate other custom apps
  • “More than 17” public and private cloud vendors currently supported, with the ability to add others as needed
  • A model-based, rather than script-based approach

Lauren gets into the nuts and bolts of CloudCenter, and the video is a must-watch for any company having trouble dealing with app complexity. It provides a solid base of what hybrid IT management can offer in general, and Cisco CloudCenter, in particular. So, go watch it here, and when you’re done check out our Cisco partner page to learn more. With the ever-growing importance of application management, it just might be the best five minutes you spend today.


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Chris Ticknor
Director of Marketing
Key Information Systems