To meet IT transition challenges, find the right partner [Case Study]

Our Clients - Targus Case StudyAchieving a successful technology transition is by no means an easy endeavor. IT affects virtually every facet of the business today, and shifting to a new cloud-based environment can be a major undertaking fraught with challenges.

For example, there’s the need for workers to learn new ways of doing things, cultural issues that might arise, and the inevitable problems that come along with such a transition. Having the right partner in place is vital to addressing challenges and accomplishing a successful transition.

Targus is a case in point. The company, a provider of laptop bags, carrying cases and a variety of mobile computer accessories, was founded in 1983 and has grown to become a global brand with 45 offices worldwide and direct distribution in more than 100 countries.

Through partnerships with retailers, OEMs and other companies, Targus has transformed the mobile accessory market with products designed to make customers’ lives easier and more secure.

The company wanted to find a local partner that could help update its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material requirements planning (MRP) infrastructure. It also sought a partner that would be interested in forging a lasting relationship.

Targus chose KeyInfo for our technology expertise, as well as its proximity and reputation for superior client service. Because KeyInfo was a leading IBM Premier Business Partner, it possessed the intimate knowledge of IBM’s solutions and expertise to guide Targus through its infrastructure transition. Armed with its knowledge of IBM offerings, KeyInfo recommended customized infrastructure solutions, providing recommendations that met Targus’ specific needs.

KeyInfo provided Targus with the expertise it needed, said Chuck Farner, vice president and CIO at Targus. “That was really critical to us because it created trust from the beginning and ensured that we could move quickly together toward achieving project goals,” he said.

The two companies communicated closely throughout the process to maximize the value of the relationship and address issues efficiently. The ERP and MRP upgrades were successful, and the move to IBM Power Systems, Bladecenter and Storage Solution supports Targus’s production and disaster recovery environments. We’ve continued to work together on projects related to disaster recovery, data storage and power systems.

“The KeyInfo team is built of talented experts who know how to solve problems,” Farner said. “We have been consistently impressed by their work and their dedication to our company’s success.”


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Drew Woods
Key Information Systems, Inc.