MESVision Sees Clear Upgrade Path with KeyInfo

MESVision Case Study

MESVision (Medical Eye Services) is a national healthcare company that offers vision care and benefit programs to large and small employer groups. Based in Santa Ana, Calif., the company performs total claims administration, eligibility verification and all patient and provider inquiries. Its services let customers like school districts and businesses offer annual vision exam, eyewear (glasses and contacts) and more.

Since its foundation in 1976, MESVision evolved to support new technology and services available in the industry while maintaining high standards for client service. The company’s 10-person development team manages applications that help administer vision healthcare programs and benefits. It also offers a full-service call center to support customers.

A longtime client of Key Information Systems (KeyInfo™), MESVision began discussing a hybrid cloud system upgrade as part of MESVision’s current infrastructure plans. MESVision needed to upgrade its primary claims processing system (IBM storage architecture). Historically, the company purchased hardware and hosted it in their own data center until the idea of utilizing a hosted solution became an option. The long time positive relationship with KeyInfo made it an easy decision to inquire about a cloud solution. As a premier IBM partner, KeyInfo has the skills and understanding of how to manage IBM Power Systems, and runs an enterprise IBM iSeries cloud hosting solution KeyCloud, which utilizes Power Systems technology.

“KeyCloud IBM i immediately amplified our redundancy and continuity…”  – Ric Piecuch, Vice President of IT at MESVision


MESVision reviewed the pricing and options for both an on-premise (traditional upgrade) and the new KeyCloud offering.

MESVision chose to forgo a new hardware purchase and selected KeyCloud to host its IBM System that is used to process claims, client relationship and websites. The decision was not easy, but after reviewing a list of pros and cons the decision was clear to be made.

“We can operate at the scale of larger enterprise organizations, exceed client expectations and leverage all of the benefits Key Information Systems’ services have to offer.” – Ric Piecuch, Vice President of IT at MESVision

MESVision scheduled the upgrade process for a three-day weekend, during which the organization was able to test the solution out of the box and experienced zero downtime as it went live. By placing such functions into KeyCloud IBM i, MESVision achieved a level of business continuity that was more cost effective than building out and managing a replication site.

“The costs associated with building a physical backup site were unrealistic. KeyCloud IBM i immediately amplified our redundancy and continuity. If we ever need to shut down our primary storage, or if there’s a major local outage, we can keep communicating with customers and providing service using the cloud. ”  – Ric Piecuch, Vice President of IT at MESVision


With KeyCloud, MESVision now has the IT power of a large enterprise, backed by KeyInfo’s advanced team of cloud and business continuity experts. While the company previously ran backups daily, it now uses KeyCloud IBM i to create a flash copy of production environments to complete the backups. Maintenance (backups) can now be conducted while the environment is live. If limited to an on-premises environment, MESVision would need to restrict operations nightly to create a maintenance window for backups – that inconvenience is now gone.

“As we have a smaller IT shop, KeyCloud is a golden opportunity,” said Piecuch.

KeyCloud also enabled MESVision to work with larger accounts, improving the company’s bottom line. The team can confidently share recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives with new and prospective customers, and comply with regulatory compliance audits, thanks to resources made available by Key Information Systems’ robust hosted environment. System updates and patches are built into the KeyCloud IBM i service, which always ensures MESVision is running the best IBM operating system for its business. This is critical for programming and maintaining security – upgrades simply get done, instead of creating unexpected headaches. Knowing there would be improvements like these and the longstanding relationship with KeyInfo helped bring MESVision’s executive team and IT staff on board with a hosted cloud environment.

Said Piecuch, “Our city experienced two power outages that impacted our primary location, but since our adoption of KeyCloud IBM i, neither outage impacted servicing our customers. Those situations drove home the purpose and value of working with the cloud. We can operate at the scale of larger enterprise organizations, exceed client expectations and leverage all of the benefits Key Information Systems’ services have to offer.”

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