MESVision lands new customers, thanks to hybrid cloud (Case Study)

Our Clients - MESVision Case StudyThe hybrid cloud offers well-known cost savings, scalability and agility advantages compared to running applications completely in house. For small and mid-size organizations, however, a hybrid cloud deployment can add an important strategic business advantage – access to larger customers.

MESVision Medical Eye Services is a national provider of vision care and benefit programs to large and small employer groups. The company was at the point many organizations find themselves when they begin contemplating the move to the hybrid cloud: It was ready to upgrade its primary claims processing system, which it had been running and managing in its in-house data center.

MESVision was a long time KeyInfo client, leveraging KeyInfo’s close IBM partnership and our expertise with IBM’s Power Systems and enterprise storage architecture. KeyCloud, our infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution, was a natural fit for MESVision’s hybrid cloud. Running on IBM Power Systems, KeyCloud offers fast, resilient, flash-enabled virtual storage that replicates data on IBM 7000 Storwize in several geographic locations. By moving to KeyCloud rather than investing in on-premise hardware, MESVision gained instant access to mission-critical backup, business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

There were a lot of reasons for MESVision to move to KeyCloud’s hybrid cloud, including performance, which took a huge leap thanks to our superfast, flash-enabled IBM storage arrays.

“Jobs that were taking three hours took an hour on the KeyCloud platform,” said Rick Pieucuch, MESVision vice president of information technology, with some running in as little as 15 minutes. “Our operator had to look sometimes to make sure they had actually run because they were so quick.”

Sinc KeyCloud takes care of deploying, scaling and managing the infrastructure, Pieucuch and his IT staff were able to focus a lot more staff time and energy on the claims systems and portal enhancements that added value to the business. However, the big bonus was KeyCloud’s enterprise-class redundancy, business continuity, and security features, which allowed MESVision to go after and acquire much larger accounts with more stringent compliance and resilience requirements it simply couldn’t meet previously.

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Drew Woods
Key Information Systems, Inc.