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Converge Continues to Build Platform of North American Hybrid IT Solution Providers on IBM Technologies; Converge Technology Solutions Announces CIO Advisory Service; Hybrid IT and its Role in 2019; Machine Learning Has Become Critical to Effective Cybersecurity; Disaster Recovery and Ransomware - What you need to know

Becker-Carroll Awarded Digital Identity Contract; Converge Achieves Cisco Gold Certification; 3 ways Cisco’s AppDynamics acquisition can improve your cloud strategy; Handling Hybrid Environments In AWS With The Systems Manager’s Agent; Video files and object storage: a match made in the cloud

BICSI turns to KeyInfo for state-of-the-art cloud, IaaS, backup and disaster recovery; Object storage smooths the way toward AI-driven diagnoses, personalized medicine; 3 ways SDN can help automate your business; Simple Migrations to Azure SQL; Cloud vs. Tape Backup: Part 2 - Managing your Data

Sunkist Growers reaps the benefits of managed disaster recovery services; Keep that data growth in check with object storage; 3 Steps to Getting Started with SDN; Backup and recovery as a service for GDPR, or otherwise; Cloud vs. Tape Backup: Part 1 — Mind the (air) Gap

What IT pros want from CIOs: Mutual respect; 3 Questions about IBM i Legacy Apps and IaaS; Time is of the essence: bringing real time analytics to your data; HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions: A Review; Demystifying Cloud First Strategy

Is Cloud Technology a Good Fit for My Business?; IBM's New FlashSystem 9100 All-NVMe Flash Storage Comes Loaded; How to protect your cloud data from being compromised; Disaster Recovery in practice: calculating the cost of an outage; What to look for when considering cloud-based Object Storage

MSPs: Making The Most Of An Acquisition; What to know about licensing costs before moving your IBM i installations to the cloud; Three steps to get ahead of a data breach; How HPE 3PAR storage adds flexibility; How managed services and the cloud can help you with HIPAA compliance (Part 2)

What Cloud Providers Must Do To Attract IBM I; Healthcare, HIPAA and the Cloud, Part 1: Data Management and Primary Storage; Managing Complex Apps in Complex Hybrid Environments; Hyperconvergence for all with HPE Synergy; Airtight Disaster Recovery with KeyInfo and Switch

Must-have people skills for aspiring CIOs; Healthcare Object Storage adds scalability for increasing data; 3 ways to get the most out of server level analytics; KeyInfo discusses Object Storage as a Service vs. Block Storage; 3 questions to ask your Backup and Recovery Provider about HIPAA Compliance

Converge Technology Partners Continues On Solution Provider Acquisition Trail With Buy Of Key Information Systems; 4 Takeaways from IBM Think: It’s all about the Data; Microsegmentation, Security and Your Network; Sunkist Growers, Inc. turns to KeyInfo for Disaster Recovery as a Service; 3 Reasons Why 2018 is the Year of the Backup

The Nascent State of Hybrid Cloud Networking; The Business Expansion Secret Hiding in your Data Center; 4 Ways to Gain a Leg up on Hybrid IT Management; HPE and SimpliVity: Three Common Questions Answered; Getting Proactive with VMware vRealize

Cloud Forecast: 6 Predictions for 2018; IBM continues tape progress despite cloud and flash advances; Cisco says almost all workloads will be cloud based within 3 years; Accelerating HPC Applications with HPE Performance Software - Message Passing Interface; Three "Next Big Things" in the Cloud and Beyond

10 bad habits CIOs must break if they want to see digital transformation success; IBM and Maersk are creating a new Blockchain Company; Cisco can now sniff out malware inside encrypted traffic; HPE focuses on data consumption models, software and services for 2018; Even after an epic year for global data center consolidation, experts say regional providers still stand out in the cloud