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Providing clients with a Cloud Migration Strategy for their on-premise IBM Systems to the GCP Power Platform

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Google Cloud Platform on IBM Power Systems

Unleash the value from the data housed inside your IBM i legacy system

Until recently, clients have had very few options to leverage their application needs for embracing public cloud and maintaining their applications which use IBM Power Platform. The combination of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and KeyInfo’s expertise has created a unique marketplace offering that supports clients with both needs.

Cloud Capabilities

KeyInfo Azure Public Cloud

  • Assess the current customer environment and readiness for operating in GCP
  • Provide information and consultation around the advantages of GCP
  • Help clients make an informed decision about how to achieve their goals in GCP

Cloud Readiness Review

KeyInfo Hybrid Cloud

  • Perform review of the AIX / IBM i environment(s) to determine their readiness and ability to migrate to GCP. Readiness areas: Compute and storage capacity, source hardware, source operating systems, network capacity, beta volume 
  • Discuss and plan for application dependencies, identify challenges, and provide Green, Yellow, Red feedback
  • Provide a Gap Analysis to get the client environment ready for GCP, as well as a preview of migration techniques

Migration Planning

KeyInfo Google Public Cloud

  • Work with the client and their specific environment to build a migration plan
  • Review capabilities of the client to reduce migration timelines and determine scope of the migration
  • Determine appropriate upgrade/migration methodologies and assist with the transition to a supported operating system version and movement of LPARs from the on-premises environment to the cloud. These methods include: Traditional in-place upgrades, NIMADM, and alternate disk migration-based approaches, make sys-based migrations, GCP cloud native PowerVC export/import, and replication scenarios involving native OS, third party, and application specific replication scenarios.  

Migration Execution

KeyInfo AWS Public Cloud

  • Perform the migration tasks to instantiate workloads into GCP
  • Work with client to validate migrations success

Advanced Services

KeyInfo Public Cloud

  • Provide options for managed services around system management, Disaster Recovery as a Service, and Backup/Recovery as a Service
  • Provide ongoing consultation and additional workload migration
  • Post migration systems engineering support
  • Post migration workload optimization services using GCP native services: Data refactoring, application refactoring 

KeyInfo and GCP Power Platform

As an award-winning IBM Platinum Business Partner and a Google Cloud Services Partner, KeyInfo provides clients with a Cloud Migration Strategy for their on-premise IBM Systems. As trusted advisors, we consult with these clients to determine what, when, and how to migrate to the GCP Power Platform. We share the risks, the application dependencies, and plan out related projects to determine costs. 


  • Infrastructure as-a-Service: Deliver IBM Power-based Infrastructure as-a-Service on Google Cloud Platform
  • VM Management: GCP-aligned user experience for VM management. Enterprise workloads run unchanged
  • Architecture: Built on architecture that you know and trust. IBM runs the infrastructure while clients manage the Operating System
  • Resources: A single CSP for both x86 and Power workloads, in addition to private, law-latency access to GCP resources