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Pure Storage Hybrid Cloud and Enterprise Data Storage

A new world of data demands a new way of thinking. PureStorage delivers end-to-end product suite, enabling storage teams with elastic block, file, and object file services to power multi-cloud environments – empowering next generation architecture. Features include:

On-Demand Compute: Flexible infrastructure for your compute requirements
Secure Data: Encrypted data on a secure cloud connection
Connected Cloud: Accelerated connectivity and configuration

FlashArray//X - Shared Accelerated Storage

FlashArray//X is an enterprise-class, all NVMe flash storage array providing the latest in performance, simplicity and consolidation. Representing shared accelerated storage, FlashArray//X ties together networked and direct-attached storage into a single, shared, data-centric architecture, designed to provide data advantages and intelligence.

  • Single, shared accelerated storage architecture
  • Hyper-consolidated cloud options
  • Latency as low as 250 μs
  • 5:1 data reduction, 10:1 total efficiency
Pure Storage FlashArray//X

Purity - Powering Shared Accelerated Storage

As the software-defined engine of FlashArray//X, Purity offers a wide-range of data services for legacy and modern data center applications. Purity provides speed, agility and intelligence for your production environment. It includes:

  • 99.9999% availability
  • 10:1 total efficiency provides no impact to security
  • 100% native NVMe global flash management
  • Multi-site active/active stretch cluster
  • Variable block metadata
  • Always-on encryption of data-at-rest

FlashBlade: Storage for Modern Data

FlashBlade is an object and file storage platform that consolidates data silos to accelerate modern workloads and simplify infrastructure. FlashBlade is the cloud-scale data platform of tomorrow and consists of four products in one. It was built with a high-performance software defined fabric, a scale-out converged file and object store, a scale-out operating system and a raw flash, high-performance SSD, directly coupled to intel processors, all in one seamless, scalable package.


  • Elastic performance grows with data - up to 75GB/s
  • Consistent speed regardless of file size
  • Massively parallel architecture - no caching or tiering


  • Petabytes of storage capacity 
  • Elastic concurrency
  • Billions of object and files


  • Evergreen subscription model doesn't require rebuying TBs you already own
  • No manual optimization required
  • Scale-out everything
Pure Storage Pure1 Meta

Pure1 - AI-Driven Management, Full-Stack Analytics and Predictive Support

Using the global predictive intelligence of Pure1 Meta, Pure Storage has expanded the capabilities of Pure1 to deliver effortless and intelligent storage management and support that drives itself.

AI-Driven Management: Meta delivers predictive intelligence and AI-driven forecasting to alert for hardware updates and calculate workload capacity, performance and consolidation needs. Over 1 trillion data points are collected and analyzed from 10,000+ cloud-connected arrays.

Full-Stack Analytics: Receive mission-critical information and updates for the entire stack, down to each VM.

Evergreen Storage

An Evergreen Storage subscription allows organizations to improve and expand their storage for a decade or more, without needing to re-buy a TB you already own. Continue to improve your storage model without downtime, data migrations or increases in total cost of ownership (TCO).

With Evergreen Storage you receive all-inclusive software, guaranteed effective capacity, predictive analytics and services, capacity consolidation, maintenance protection against failures and maximized TCO savings.