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UiPath Partnership

UiPath - Hyperautomation Platform

Start your path to rapid business transformation

As automation becomes increasingly embraced by people far and wide, organizations are relying on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help unburden employees from dull, repetitive work so that they can focus on mission critical projects. As more organizations look to smart robots to do things like looking through invoices, read endless contracts or make sense of sales notes, RPA has become the fastest growing enterprise technology on earth. This is what makes our partnership with UiPath so important for many of our clients.

The UiPath RPA platform for hyperautomation is the world’s only comprehensive RPA platform that gives our clients what they want from discovery to measurement. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the platform helps clients discover everything they can automate. From task mining and process mining tools to increase automation pipeline, to Task Capture tools to document workflows, to a centralized Automation Hub to help prioritize automation programs, the UiPath platform creates a visible path to ROI.

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AI-Powered Automation

UiPath RPA Platform

Discovering Automation

Organizing Artificial Intelligence

Utilize Artificial Intelligence for task and process mining alongside employee ideas to fill your automation pipeline with new opportunities

Building Automation

KeyInfo Machine Learning

Enable your employees to build and use automation tools to simplify anything from simple office tasks to rich development environments

Managing Automation

Collecting Artificial Intelligence

Manage, deploy and optimize automation with UiPath’s enterprise-class security, visibility and efficiency

Running Automation

KeyInfo Business Intelligence

Regardless of the process you want to automate, UiPath has the high-performance software to help you achieve success

Engaging Automation

Analyze Artificial Intelligence

UiPath Assistant creates a simple way for employees to connect with robots while keeping the work flowing

Measuring Automation

KeyInfo Application Development

UiPath Insights provides performance and analytics for each robot and provides an easy dashboard for calculating ROI for any program