VMware GoHyrbid Program

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Key Information Systems has partnered with VMware to make the GoHybrid program available to you! The GoHybrid program allows you to complete a VMware based SDDC assessment of your IT environment. All you have to do is choose one of the 3 assessments below to get started.

Need more information? We'll send you an informative flyer and golf ball to help you make a decision. If you sign up and complete the assessment, you'll receive a choice of a complimentary driver or drone. 

vSphere Operations Assessment

Focus: Operations management
Output: Customized report of recommended actions to improve capacity, performance and efficiency
Good for customers: Optimize VM environment
Lead product: VSOM and vRealize Operations

Virtual Network Assessment

Focus: Network security
Output: Analysis of East-West and North-South traffic patterns and recommendation for optimal network configuration to address vulnerabilities
Good for customers: Understand security risk, provide visibility and micro-segmentation recommendations
Lead product: NSX

Hybrid Cloud Assessment

Focus: Cloud efficiency
Output: Costing analysis for workload transition from on-premises to Hybrid Cloud
Good for customers: Optimize cloud configuration for maximum savings
Lead product: vRealize Business for Cloud