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Data Center Modernization

Why Data Center Modernization?

Dedicated to the highest quality service and long-term client partnerships, KeyInfo has experienced and knowledgeable IT architects who implement and secure technology solutions that make our clients more competitive. As a strategic business partner and technology leader in cloud infrastructure, let us help you assemble your architecture and support virtually any workload with the most powerful products and in-house solutions.



Customer Case Study

Pepperdine looked to KeyInfo to help transition away from its internal servers; support its computer, storage, networking and backup with KeyCloud; and shift its Windows environment to open source in order to make its website redesign a reality.


Do you struggle to support change or new business requirements with your on
premise servers? By transitioning them to a hosted private cloud, you can better
support mission critical applications as well as your changing compute, network,
storage and backup requirements – both today and tomorrow.

Who is Private Cloud for?

Private cloud isn’t really defined by a market segment or size. It is for environments that are more dynamic, where change and adaptations are integrated quickly without human intervention. If I want to create another network or firewall rule, I should be able to do that within the private cloud environment without having to wait on someone in the IT department.

 What questions should you be asking before building your cloud architecture?

  1. What problem am I trying to solve?
  2. What is the scale?
  3. What are the features and functionalities I require?
  4. Does it need to ingrate anywhere or is this Greenfield?
  5. Who is going to run it?
  6. Am I missing anything else?

In some cases a private cloud does not always fix problems and can even create more. Be sure to have a clearly defined directive for use in your private cloud.

Not all data needs to be put in a private cloud. Discuss what data is mission-critical and how much growth you anticipate in the future.

Some require certain technical features such as load balancing or the need to exist in 2 different locations. Some have certain compliance requirements which may cause the need for additional security or added steps in the approval process. Make sure your private cloud is tailored to your needs.

The thing with cloud is that they do not like to share. Importing an existing environment and workloads can be extremely difficult so make sure to have a migration plan in place.

Some clients prefer to outsource the whole thing while others would rather build and run it themselves. Two of the biggest reasons why a company will deploy their own private cloud are:

  • Costs
  • Security and Control

Some things that are forgotten:

  • How are you going to back it up?
  • Do you need some type of disaster recovery?
  • What do you do for availability?

Private cloud wrongly carries a loose definition of data in one’s own data center or managed by a provider. That is infrastructure not a cloud. A cloud must be made up of the following characteristics:

It must be automated in terms of deployment and management

It must be API driven

It must have elasticity

It must be self-service

In some instances, it must have some concept of multi-tenancy.

A private cloud allows you to automate a lot of your daily operational tasks and gives users some control over those tasks. By taking away tasks from individual persons and handing it to software, you are empowering your cloud to create its own networking, provision its own storage and allowing it to manage its own path. If you are still manually creating tasks in your environment, you may want to rethink your “cloud” strategy.

Cloud Assessments - Enable the shift

Make cloud decisions in minutes, not months

The KeyInfo and CloudGenera Partnership provides a cloud-based decision platform that simplifies and accelerates IT decisions by allowing you to compare multiple on and off premise options across your unique business cases.

Remove analysis paralysis from the equation and let KeyInfo help by providing customized decision analytics for your hybrid cloud adoption.

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