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KeyInfo invests in the most highly qualified and certified professional architects, engineers, and project managers to help clients drive projects and initiatives to completion

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Q. What does KeyInfo's Professional Services do?

  • KeyInfo invests in the most highly qualified and certified professional architects, engineers and project managers to help clients drive projects and initiatives to completion. We analyze, design, implement, manage and support flexible enterprise solutions for our clients. We leverage our collective expertise to minimize risk and realize optimal return on IT investments. Our focus areas are critical computing, systems storage, networking and virtualization, along with cloud integration and enablement services.

Q. What is staff augmentation?

  • Staff augmentation allows you to bring in a KeyInfo engineer to supplement your internal IT staff. This engineer can be used to help facilitate a new project, fill in during staffing changes or potentially assist with a skillset on which your internal team has not yet been educated.

Q. What is the cost of your services?

  • We typically like to bid out jobs based on a fixed price. We work with the client to understand the size and scope of the project so that we can provide them with a fixed-bid price. This ensures we are focused on the project at hand and will see the project through to completion, without any hourly constraints.

Q. What are health checks?

  • Why wait until you have a drill? KeyInfo will send a certified engineer to come in and complete a thorough health check of your environment, analyze the data, write up a report and come back with a list of recommendations to ensure your environment continues to run optimally.

Q. Should I be concerned with firmware updates?

  • Yes! Firmware is a set of software / instructions embedded within the hardware that should always be kept up-to-date. This ensures you’ve received all the benefits of the latest firmware features and performance. Updating firmware can also help mitigate potential security threats in addition to correcting any issues that may have been discovered since your last firmware update.

Q. Does IBM i, AIX and Linux under Power support workload mobility migrations like VMware’s Vcenter?

  • Yes. IBM supports fully moving workloads from one hardware system to another whether it is down, suspended or live. It is called Live Partition Mobility. There are certain requirements that must be met to provide this capability, notwithstanding the licensing, with the first being that all resources must be virtualized and the second that each server (hardware complex) must have access to the same shared or extended storage. Let KeyInfo’s PSG staff come in and leverage their expertise in this area to assist you with this model.

Q. Why would I want or need Disaster Recovery?

  • How much does it cost for your main business to be down for an hour, a day, or even a week? What does that cost you in today’s dollars? Is it worth the risk? Instead of worrying about these questions and more, why not pay a minimum cost to have your business continuity available and ready in a case of a disaster or human error. KeyCloud’s Disaster Recovery Solution ensures your business is always on, eliminates the cost of an off-premise location, infrastructure and personnel, guarantees recovery time and point objective (RTO and RPO) within minutes, and offers a fully-featured testing suite. Visit the KeyCloud Disaster Recovery page to learn more.

Q. If I mirror my environments (VMware, iSeries, etc.) to your cloud, am I able to perform pre-DR tests?

  • Why wait until you have a real disaster? We have the ability to Flash your mirrored environment and bring it up on its own private network, where you are able to test all of your applications. The ‘flashing’ of your environments can be done multiple times per day without affecting running production.

Q. What geographic areas do you cover? Can you support my DR systems in a different state?

  • Yes. Key Information Systems supports its many clients and their DR operations across the nation, on premise and using KeyCloud DRaaS. We have a large presence in the Southwest including Los Angeles, Orange County, Northern California, Nevada and Arizona, but also provide coverage across Utah and Georgia.

Q. How do I engage KeyInfo PSG?

  • Consult with your KeyInfo Sales Professional and your Sales Professional will engage the appropriate PSG resources to address your specific needs.

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