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Our relationships with major technology manufacturers have allowed us to make available to you a program to test cutting edge products in your environment as proof-of-concepts. We understand the need today to kick-the-tires before making a commitment. Our goal is to make sure that you have all the confidence and knowledge necessary to successfully execute what your organization envisions.

The following products are available to test, click the links below to learn more.



Proof of Concept - Storage #1

4 – FlashSystem A9000 60TB Systems (9836-415)

1 – FlashSystem A9000 150TB Systems (9836-415)

Proof of Concept - Power #1

3 – S822LC Systems for HPC with Obuntu

Proof of Concept - Storage #2

1 – FlashSystem V9000 29TB Systems (9846-AC6)

Proof of Concept - Power #2

12 – S821LC Systems for MongoDB with Redhat

Proof of Concept - Storage #3

2 – Storwize V7000F  All-Flash 20TB Systems with compression (2076-AF6)

2 – Storwize V7000F All-Flash 10TB Systems with compression (2076-AF6)

Proof of Concept - Storage #4

2 – Storwize V5030F All-Flash 10TB Systems without compression (2078-AF3)

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