How to protect your cloud data from being compromised

Cisco CloudLockDon’t worry, this isn’t another one of those articles that includes the sobering statistics on phishing attacks, or that details any of the many, many ransomware attacks that seem to hit on a daily basis.

No, we’re going to assume you know about all those. If not, there is no shortage of great examples on our blog.

Instead we’re going to take a more optimistic view and simply discuss some ways to protect your cloud data from being compromised in the first place. This dovetails nicely with the fact that KeyInfo partner Cisco’s acquisition of CloudLock closed just over a year ago. That means the company has had time to integrate CloudLock into its offerings, and it’s probably worth checking out if you’re considering a cloud security solution.

CloudLock lets companies apply, manage and monitor the security of documents and other types of content that’s stored and shared via cloud-based applications. In this blog we’ll look at four ways CloudLock can help you gain control of your cloud data security, and avoid being one of those newsmakers that got breached.

Threat protection

With all the as-a-service offerings companies make use of — PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, etc., — defending against threats can be overwhelming. By using machine learning, CloudLock can accomplish things like identify account usage anomalies, and call out activities that originate from areas outside of your whitelisted countries. This involves analyzing an almost obscene amount of data, constantly, something only advanced machine learning can accomplish in a timeframe that stops intrusions.

App discovery and control

Chances are, if you’ve been targeted with a malicious app, other companies have as well. CloudLock Apps Firewall makes use of the world’s largest crowd-sourced security solution to help discover, identify and neutralize these malicious apps before they affect you. In fact, so far, CloudLock has discovered more than 2,500,000 connected cloud apps — the power of the crowd is strong.

Security and compliance

CloudLock’s Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) engine can protect your company from data breaches, no matter the app or cloud environment you choose. It’s highly configurable and boasts an array of out-of-the-box policies, as well as automated responses — like “encrypt and quarantine” — and user notifications.

Security and compliance… across environments

CloudLock Cybersecurity Orchestrator is designed to help companies that face complex cyber-security threats and also deal with compliance regulations — in other words, most companies. By aggregating data feeds from across your IT infrastructure, Cybersecurity Orchestrator — as the name implies — brings together data protection across all your environments, whether they’re on-premise, or in the public or private cloud.

These are, obviously, just a few ways a solution like CloudLock can help companies with complex environments deal with the insane number of security threats out there. Our Cisco partner page provides more information on how to best protect yourself from potential breaches, and keep your company out of the security breach news cycle.

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Christopher Ticknor
Director of Marketing
Key Information Systems