How to solve your biggest data center challenges with VMware

Data Center ChallengesThe enterprise data center is under constant pressure to provide better performance under increasingly complex data conditions.

Not only must local infrastructure become smaller and more integrated, but it needs to provide seamless connectivity with both the cloud and emerging IoT platforms that support a wide variety of applications and workloads.

Fortunately, most enterprises have already turned to VMware to deploy high degrees of virtual and cloud-facing infrastructure, and this can vastly simplify the transition to the next-generation data center.

A core challenge, for example, is supporting the plethora of mobile devices that the knowledge workforce has turned to in place of the traditional PC. With solutions like VMware AirWatch, organizations gain a future-proof mobility platform that unifies management across devices, use cases, endpoints, operating systems and digital workspaces. In this way, the enterprise can establish end-to-end policy, governance and security for critical data regardless of where or how it is accessed, while at the same time seamlessly integrating new releases and upgrades into legacy enterprise systems.

VMware has also introduced broad intelligent management, operations and automation into its vSphere platform, which simplifies the process of virtualizing x86 resources and aggregating them into logical pools. This not only enables significant resource consolidation, on the order of 15:1 or more, but boosts hardware utilization by as much as 80 percent without diminishing performance. And with tools like vMotion distributed resource scheduling, enterprises can maintain high availability of their VMware infrastructure even under highly virtualized workloads.

VMware has also introduced a number of essential management systems, such as vRealize Operations and Site Recovery Manager (SRM), that make it easier to proactively manage abstract, distributed infrastructure and get systems back online in the event of failure. vRealize provides a wealth of automated delivery, intelligent operations and unified management tools that provide continuous optimization across vSphere, Hyper-V, Amazon and local physical-layer hardware. And with the SRM module added to the vCenter management system, organizations gain one-click recovery of full application suites at half the cost of traditional approaches.

The global economy is rapidly transitioning to a digital services model in place of traditional products and sales channels, which makes it imperative for the enterprise to convert legacy data infrastructure into agile, automated environments that support continuous development and rapid systems integration.

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Drew Woods
Key Information Systems