Big Data

In 2016, IDC’s research vice president for enterprise storage, Laura Dubois, gave a 4-minute rundown that explains why object storage is a topic of discussion in every data center these days. In a video titled “Data explosion drives need for object storage,” Dubois highlights numbers that are almost too large for the human imagination: There […]

The World Economic Forum has said that data, like currency or gold, is now an economic asset. IT organizations have certainly gotten that message. Fifteen or 20 years ago, for example, companies had to spend big to buy prospect lists from outside vendors peddling questionably accurate data. But over the past decade or more, businesses […]

The expectation of internal and external end users in just about every industry today comes down to the same two demands: More. Faster. Your business users and your customers are hooked on real-time services. This presents real challenges for IT teams charged with processing transaction volumes that are growing exponentially (while budgets, meanwhile, are failing […]

Depending on your definition of hybrid cloud, you may be on the same page as your cloud provider or you might be very disappointed at what’s under the hood. To some, hybrid cloud is just another marketing term because in a lot of ways it doesn’t exist while at the same time it does. Are […]

With data hacking and ransomware on the rise, cybersecurity, backups and the protection of sensitive data has become more vital than ever. Companies are beginning to store a large amount of confidential information on their computer systems, readily accessible to data thieves and hackers when the wrong protection processes are in place. These attacks can […]

It is no longer a question of “should we move to the cloud” but rather a question of “when should we move to the cloud?” As cloud security issues become less and less of an issue, enterprises are tasked with choosing the right cloud storage provider while guaranteeing workload performance off premise. With recent advances […]

The big announcement from the week is IBM i 7.3. Expected to be widely available on April 15th, IBM i 7.3 further strengthens its platform with the addition of many new capabilities to support modern workloads, (mobile access, analytic and cloud) and applications while delivering unmatched support for system records. Let’s dive into some of […]

To this day, Flash Storage continues to make sense for mission-critical, mission-nominal and performance workloads for the vast majority of IT managers. Flash Storage can be tailored to meet your specific needs, while increasing your competitive advantage with faster analytics and long term savings. It provides high performance, less maintenance and a low latency processing […]

“If speed is a priority, Flash can have a significant impact on Big Data and Analytics. Real-time, sub-second response times and streaming ingest are use cases which need an IT infrastructure designed and built around fast data. Flash is a critical component to a fast data analytics architecture.” Says Mark, Laughlin, KeyInfo director of enterprise […]