With data hacking and ransomware on the rise, cybersecurity, backups and the protection of sensitive data has become more vital than ever. Companies are beginning to store a large amount of confidential information on their computer systems, readily accessible to data thieves and hackers when the wrong protection processes are in place. These attacks can […]

A Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) solution is a type of software specifically designed for businesses to build, test and deploy enterprise and consumer mobile applications. Enterprises use mobile application to manage their operational process for a variety of reasons including convenience, a positive user experience and added beneficial functionalities. A MADP may also provide […]

The popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to mature as more and more organizations come to realize the potential business transformation and growth these programs offer. A BYOD program permits employees to access corporate applications and data on any personal device, including smartphones, laptops, tablets and/or wearable technology. This type of program can […]

by Clayton Weise, Director of Cloud Services – KeyInfo CIOs and their teams are always in cost-savings mode. “Do more with less” is the general mandate, and IT teams can’t afford to skip a beat. There can be no loss or slip in performance. However, with new advances in virtualization, cloud computing and mobile networks, […]

The trend for employees to use their own mobile devices for both personal and business use is like a runaway train, and if corporate IT folks don’t respond systematically they risk getting run over. However, employees put themselves at risk as well when they comingle business and pleasure on their smartphones and tablets.  Image contributed […]