When our IBM i series clients start thinking about tech upgrades, disaster recovery or higher availability, the conversations typically head to the cloud – fast. These are the five questions enterprises tend to ask, and the answers we give to help them make smart decisions about the future of their app hosting. Do you offer […]

KeyCloud Backup and Recovery as a Service – Why manage your backup and data restoration process in the cloud? Your business is on a mission in a hybrid universe. It needs to maintain velocity while knowing it’s protected and can restore every step of the way. In that case, KeyInfo is your mission control. Our […]

The IBM i Operating System (IBM i) is unique in the IT industry for its level of integration and for the underlying architecture of the operating system itself. IBM i has greatly evolved over the years and continues to offer tremendous value in low total cost of ownership. It provides IT professionals with a platform […]

Take advantage of the KeyCloud 30 Day Trial of IBM i HERE and read below to see how IBM i may be the right operating environment for you.   IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. Some of the key highlights of the IBM i platform […]

As of April 2016, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Crayon Group. This partnership helps IBM clients address important issues around software asset management and compliance. The offering lets clients better control their IBM software estate and optimize technology investments. Regarded by IBM as a top software asset management (SAM) partner, Crayon […]