When our IBM i series clients start thinking about tech upgrades, disaster recovery or higher availability, the conversations typically head to the cloud – fast. These are the five questions enterprises tend to ask, and the answers we give to help them make smart decisions about the future of their app hosting. Do you offer […]

IT Professional Services are imperative for customers who are lacking either in-house personnel or resources. IT Professional Services are usually provided by solutions vendors, value-added resellers (VAR), systems integrators and managed service providers (MSP) to help a customer plan, implement and manage a particular system or project. Key Information Systems invests in the most highly […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the internetworking of computing devices, machines, objects and more, that are embedded with unique identifiers and have the ability to transfer data over a network. The vast amount of intelligence and services brought to the table, have the potential to significantly shape our everyday lives – how we […]

First published on September 1, 2016 on Business Solutions By Scott Youngs, CIO of Key Information Systems   When you hear about a security breach, you probably think something like, “The IT department must have missed something.” But increasingly, breaches are caused by factors outside of IT’s control. Today, a breach is just as […]

The popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to mature as more and more organizations come to realize the potential business transformation and growth these programs offer. A BYOD program permits employees to access corporate applications and data on any personal device, including smartphones, laptops, tablets and/or wearable technology. This type of program can […]

The IBM i Operating System (IBM i) is unique in the IT industry for its level of integration and for the underlying architecture of the operating system itself. IBM i has greatly evolved over the years and continues to offer tremendous value in low total cost of ownership. It provides IT professionals with a platform […]

Key Information Systems, in partnership with IBM, is offering a Free Onsite Assessment of Cleversafe Object Storage. Sign up for your Free Assessment HERE. Cleversafe is software-defined and hardware aware single instance object storage that leverages commodity hardware and dramatically lowers cost. The software-based object storage has been developed for Exabyte-scale deployment, and is already […]

The big announcement from the week is IBM i 7.3. Expected to be widely available on April 15th, IBM i 7.3 further strengthens its platform with the addition of many new capabilities to support modern workloads, (mobile access, analytic and cloud) and applications while delivering unmatched support for system records. Let’s dive into some of […]

As a channel partner and trusted advisor, you have to be prepared to give your customers a choice that’s right for them, whether it’s on-prem, off-prem, public, private, or hybrid cloud. True partners don’t fear the cloud, they embrace it!