In 2016, IDC’s research vice president for enterprise storage, Laura Dubois, gave a 4-minute rundown that explains why object storage is a topic of discussion in every data center these days. In a video titled “Data explosion drives need for object storage,” Dubois highlights numbers that are almost too large for the human imagination: There […]

The World Economic Forum has said that data, like currency or gold, is now an economic asset. IT organizations have certainly gotten that message. Fifteen or 20 years ago, for example, companies had to spend big to buy prospect lists from outside vendors peddling questionably accurate data. But over the past decade or more, businesses […]

First published on November 3, 2016 on IBM Systems Blog: In the Making By Lief Morin, CEO of Key Information Systems   Innovation is the goal. It’s critical to remaining relevant in an era of digital disruption. But how do you get there from here? From banking to manufacturing, retail to healthcare, organizations across […]

It is no longer a question of “should we move to the cloud” but rather a question of “when should we move to the cloud?” As cloud security issues become less and less of an issue, enterprises are tasked with choosing the right cloud storage provider while guaranteeing workload performance off premise. With recent advances […]

Key Information Systems, in partnership with IBM, is offering a Free Onsite Assessment of Cleversafe Object Storage. Sign up for your Free Assessment HERE. Cleversafe is software-defined and hardware aware single instance object storage that leverages commodity hardware and dramatically lowers cost. The software-based object storage has been developed for Exabyte-scale deployment, and is already […]

Take advantage of the KeyCloud 30 Day Trial of IBM i HERE and read below to see how IBM i may be the right operating environment for you.   IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. Some of the key highlights of the IBM i platform […]

To this day, Flash Storage continues to make sense for mission-critical, mission-nominal and performance workloads for the vast majority of IT managers. Flash Storage can be tailored to meet your specific needs, while increasing your competitive advantage with faster analytics and long term savings. It provides high performance, less maintenance and a low latency processing […]

Posted by Robert Pryor on January 27, 2015 Now that we have all virtualized our compute (processor and memory) resources in the data center, the next logical step is storage.  A lot can be said for fiber attached storage via a storage area network, but it comes with a cost and complexity that some companies […]

There has been a pretty steady drumbeat of reports over the past couple of years that CIOs are transforming themselves into champions of business transformation and business strategists. For at least a decade, CIOs were supposed to have been the leaders in the effort to more closely align IT with business goals. Image contributed by jscreations With that mandate, you would think […]

Some numbers just never get better. For at least the past 20 years, virtually everybody associated with IT in some fashion has bemoaned the rate of data growth. Over and over we have heard cautionary tales about the data explosion and big data. Image contributed by Chrisroll Apparently, data growth is just like the weather. Everybody talks about it but […]