Ask anyone in IT and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who says that they enjoy performing backups. With the emergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT), IT leaders are learning, now more than ever, how essential backups have become to their organizations. The massive amount of data being collected and analyzed […]

As the digital transition continues to gain traction, due in part to the massive growth of the internet, data center energy consumption continues to receive a lot of public attention. With energy efficiency being a hot topic, what is the role data centers will play in our overall energy consumption? A recent report titled, United […]

Software defined networking means you need to look at the network from a policy-centric view, which is a dramatic change from traditional network management by Clayton Weise June 17, 2015 I remember the conversation I had when I completely broke our CEO’s spirit; we were talking about Open Stack deployments and some of the things […]

We all have heard “the only thing constant in life is change.” This holds true for data centers too.  The demand for real-time data, tremendous growth in stored information, and “get it now anywhere I am” expectations of end-users puts new pressures on data center infrastructures.  So we need to move to “software defined everything” […]

The software-defined data center is a concept whose time still has not quite come but might come soon. And if it does, many people think it will have a dramatic impact. The term first bubbled up in 2012 when VMware suggested that what was being done on servers—virtualization, pooling, and automation—could be done for the […]

One of the constant trends in working through IT purchase decisions is when the choice, at least as it’s discussed publicly, becomes binary and framed as a race for preeminence. Back in the mainframe days, the decision was between IBM (or an IBM “plug compatible”) and everybody else. In the early days of PCs, it […]

The IT world is often divided into large enterprises and SMBs, small and mid-sized businesses. Large enterprises often command the lion’s share of attention and cutting-edge new technology is generally geared towards major enterprises. SMBs often seem to be expected to settle for scaled-down, low-end versions of technology aimed at the big boys. After all, […]

The proposition is this simple: It’s a disaster for most organizations if they cannot quickly recover from a serious IT outage. In addition to lost productivity, according to a recent study—The Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2012 by the Ponemon Institute and Acronis—business downtime can seriously hurt a company’s reputation. What’s more, it’s no surprise […]