KeyCloud Backup and Recovery as a Service – Why manage your backup and data restoration process in the cloud? Your business is on a mission in a hybrid universe. It needs to maintain velocity while knowing it’s protected and can restore every step of the way. In that case, KeyInfo is your mission control. Our […]

A Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) solution is a type of software specifically designed for businesses to build, test and deploy enterprise and consumer mobile applications. Enterprises use mobile application to manage their operational process for a variety of reasons including convenience, a positive user experience and added beneficial functionalities. A MADP may also provide […]

The popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) continues to mature as more and more organizations come to realize the potential business transformation and growth these programs offer. A BYOD program permits employees to access corporate applications and data on any personal device, including smartphones, laptops, tablets and/or wearable technology. This type of program can […]

As a Premier Solution Provider of VMware, Key Information Systems is offering a FREE Onsite Assessment of VMware AirWatch. CLICK HERE to learn more and to sign up for your Free Assessment.   There are a variety of market trends and challenges facing mobile opportunities today. Customers want any app on any device. Additionally, there […]

Posted by Robert Pryor on February 12, 2015 Disaster recovery has become a very relevant topic in the industry today. Once you’ve virtualized your hardware to virtual machines, VMWare now offers SRM 5 Site Recovery Manager. Site Recovery Manager allows you to have a protected site and a recovery site to recover your VM to […]

Posted by Robert Pryor on January 27, 2015 Now that we have all virtualized our compute (processor and memory) resources in the data center, the next logical step is storage.  A lot can be said for fiber attached storage via a storage area network, but it comes with a cost and complexity that some companies […]

We all have heard “the only thing constant in life is change.” This holds true for data centers too.  The demand for real-time data, tremendous growth in stored information, and “get it now anywhere I am” expectations of end-users puts new pressures on data center infrastructures.  So we need to move to “software defined everything” […]

The software-defined data center is a concept whose time still has not quite come but might come soon. And if it does, many people think it will have a dramatic impact. The term first bubbled up in 2012 when VMware suggested that what was being done on servers—virtualization, pooling, and automation—could be done for the […]

One of the constant trends in working through IT purchase decisions is when the choice, at least as it’s discussed publicly, becomes binary and framed as a race for preeminence. Back in the mainframe days, the decision was between IBM (or an IBM “plug compatible”) and everybody else. In the early days of PCs, it […]

While we like to flatter ourselves that change in IT comes at a rapid fire pace, people in the trenches know that often this is not quite right. In fact, IT has gone through three major generations, each lasting about 20 years or so. Mainframe computing dominated IT from the early 1950s to the mid-1970s. Minicomputers (midrange platform) were the […]