KeyInfo’s Expertise Supports IT Upgrades at Targus

Targus is a leading global supplier of carrying cases and accessories to support and simplify the mobile lifestyle. Through partnerships with corporations, retailers and OEMs, Targus has transformed the mobile accessory market with products that make people’s lives easier and more secure.

The Problem

Targus’ global reach continues to grow as more consumers buy laptop carrying cases and other accessories to support their mobile lifestyles, both personally and professionally. Despite its worldwide reach and distributed workforce, Targus’ IT staff consists of just 13 people. The organization relies on external services and contractors to support its IT operations globally. That reliance becomes even more critical during times of IT evolution, which is what Targus faced when it came time to upgrade its enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material requirements planning (MRP) solutions. These software systems are critical for Targus, which relies on ERP for back office automation and MRP to ensure productions and inventory synchronization on a global scale. Targus needed a reliable, knowledgeable, experienced IT partner to help expand and refresh its infrastructure. The company had existing ERP and MRP solutions, but the organization wanted an update to its infrastructure and storage architecture to support the technology upgrade. Moreover, as Targus was working to implement IBM Power Systems solutions, the company needed a true IT partner to help with this complex migration.

“We asked IBM to recommend a partner that would be transparent, a company that we’d want to work with over the long term and not just for this project,” said Chuck Farmer, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Targus. “I’ve been in business in the IT field for a long time, and I’ve learned that partner relationships are important. You want to have a relationship with the same partner for a long time.”

The Criteria

Targus wanted a local partner that could not only help update its ERP and MRP infrastructure, but that would also be interested in building a lasting relationship. The company chose Key Information Systems, Inc. (KeyInfo) for its technology expertise, its proximity and its reputation for superior client service. As a leading IBM Premier Business Partner, KeyInfo had the intimate knowledge of IBM’s solutions to expertly guide Targus through its infrastructure transition. This knowledge allowed KeyInfo to recommend customized infrastructure solutions, building out recommendations that suited Targus’ specific needs.

“KeyInfo has a long history of partnership with IBM, and our expertise with IBM solutions gave us the ability to quickly understand what solutions would be a good fit for Targus,” said Lief Morin, president of KeyInfo. “This history with IBM, combined with our commitment to client satisfaction, set the tone for a successful relationship with Targus.”

“KeyInfo brought to the party what we needed, not what they wanted to sell,” Farner said. “That was really critical to us because it created trust from the beginning and ensured that we could move quickly together toward achieving project goals.”

The result
Targus and KeyInfo communicated closely throughout the process to maximize the value of the relationship and address
issues efficiently. From both the sales and technical sides, Targus credited KeyInfo with understanding precisely what it needed and providing those services with expertise and transparency. The ERP and MRP upgrades were a success, and the transition to IBM Power Systems, Bladecenter and Storage Solution to support Targus’s production and disaster recovery environments for a five-year period. KeyInfo worked with IBM Global Financing to bundle the existing leasing agreement into a new 48-month program that was more cost effective than previous purchases. In fact, the 2009 project has been so successful, Targus has extended the lifecycle management of this equipment for an additional 12 months, enabling it to focus on other mission-critical projects in the interim. The companies have continued to work together on projects related to disaster recovery (DR), data storage and power systems.
“The KeyInfo team is built of talented experts who know how to solve problems,” said Farner. “We have been consistently impressed by their work and their dedication to our company’s success.”

…”our expertise with IBM solutions gave us the ability to quickly understand what solutions would be a good fit for Targus,”- Lief Morin | President of KeyInfo


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