Discussing Use Cases for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWSIn 2020, experts and analysts predict that around 90% of organizations will put some form of hybrid cloud strategy into production. While cloud has been talked about for many, many years, both positively and negatively, the mass majority of organizations still haven’t taken that leap of faith. There are a variety of different reasons for this including costs, security, downtime, legacy applications and more. Today, these same companies are beginning to see the clear business advantages of the cloud and are taking action. One of the primary solutions we are seeing our clients gravitate to is VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS is the perfect solution for businesses who have been running a traditional data center and are looking to make a seamless transition to public cloud. Not only does the solution securely extend current infrastructure across the public cloud, it gives clients the ability to leverage existing skills, reduce overhead and expedite cloud adoptions, without investment in new tools or applications. Let’s discuss some of the top uses cases when considering VMware Cloud on AWS.

Use Case #1: Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is one of those services that sort of collects dust, until you actually need it. Consequently, obtaining an adequate budget for it or creating an expensive secondary physical DR site, is out of the question for most businesses. That’s where cloud DR and specifically, VMware Cloud on AWS, fit perfectly. VMware Cloud on AWS modernizes existing DR solutions by providing a small, four-node cluster on AWS’ infrastructure that can scale in minutes, seamlessly moves workloads, reduces costs, accelerates time to production and simplifies overall DR operations.

Use Case #2: Data Center Expansion

Expanding on-premise data centers to the cloud is a great solution for clients looking to easily scale compute and storage resources, improve application performance, stay in compliance and/or are looking to perform tests and development examples in a cloud, similar to their current on-premise environments. Using VMware Cloud on AWS, clients are able to take advantage of cloud resources that look and feel like their on-premise VMware environments. Overall, our clients have experienced accelerated speed of provisioning, reduced complexity and lower costs of investments.

Use Case #3: Application Migration and Development

VMware Cloud on AWS simplifies everything from application migration to development. In regard to application migration, our solution offers bi-directional workload portability and access to native AWS services. When in the development phase, VMware Cloud on AWS provides clients with the ability to build and test their application, while helping to save money by throwing resources to the cloud. Additionally, the service has the added bonus of utilizing integrated AWS applications to leverage workload resilience, predictive analytics, enhanced performance and AI and machine learning capabilities.

Use Case #4: On-Demand Capacity

Whether your business is looking to meet temporary or unplanned capacity demands, VMware Cloud on AWS works in minutes. The solution provides elastic capacity and only charges clients for what they use, offering a seamless migration of live application into a cloud environment that matches your on-premise VMware data center. With VMware Cloud on AWS, you get the capacity of VMware SDDC in the AWS Cloud.

While there are a variety of use cases we didn’t discuss such as Data Locality, Licensing, Flexible DevTest Environments, Footprint Expansion and more, it is clear that the VMware Cloud on AWS solution provides flexible and beneficial options for anyone using legacy applications or an on-premise data center. For those that are still wary of the public cloud, the VMware Cloud on AWS solution is a great option for testing how your business processes may benefit from such a move.

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Drew Woods
Senior Marketing Manager
Key Information Systems