Why the IBM i Operating Environment May Be Right for You

IBM i Operating EnvironmentTake advantage of the KeyCloud 30 Day Trial of IBM i HERE and read below to see how IBM i may be the right operating environment for you.


IBM i is an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. Some of the key highlights of the IBM i platform are:

1.) It is virtualized to support multiple applications and processes with stability and integrity

  • One of the key factors contributing to the efficiency of IBM i is the ability to run multiple business processes and applications reliably and securely together. The built-in virtualization, including workload management, enables clients to run multiple applications together in a single instance of IBM i, driving up system utilization, simplifying the IT environment and delivering a better return on IT investments. This utilization is achieved through the use of a variety of proven virtualization technologies, such as subsystems and logical partitions.

2.) Optimized for exceptional business resilience and non-disruptive growth on IBM Power servers

  • IBM i has established the reputation as one of the top operating environments in the industry for resilient application development. PowerHA high availability solutions are designed as an integrated extension of the operating system environment, and serve as critical factors for these environments in reducing the risk of failures resulting from combining disparate components from multiple vendors.

3.) Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools

  • The simple-to-deploy, object-based security model of the IBM i operating environment provides comprehensive capabilities for deploying and managing a highly secure system environment. Its object-based architectural design provides virus resistance by protecting the operating system code from modification and by preventing the running of executable instructions stored in a file, a common source of viruses. IBM i also helps safeguard data against hackers with built-in intrusion detection and prevention and has an audit journal to track security changes and breaches to help with compliance and auditing.

4.) Designed for open application design choices with exceptional infrastructure support for mobile devices

  • IBM i offers an integrated language environment that supports a broad range of open application options, such as C, RPG, COBOL and C++.

5.) Simplified operations and storage management

      • IBM i is renowned for its ease-of-use and powerful systems management features. Storage management software is crucial, as IBM i automatically manages and balances the storage of data across multiple disk drives. This optimizes performance and helps companies avoid reorganizing disk units and defragmenting disks to reclaim unused spaces. Disk storage is also protected, utilizing a variety of resiliency options.


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Author: Drew W.
Key Information Systems